Q&A for External Albums (Flickr, Zonerama, etc.)


This topic is now a location for members to ask questions and get help for external albums, like Flickr, Zonerama, Google Photos, etc.

Hello Post Family!

I’ve proposed the question previously about how you organize your Offer Albums and others have asked what website you use to host your album.

My question is to the people visiting other members albums. What website(s) do you prefer Available Albums be on?

I know some countries can’t even access my website and others I have tried to access don’t work because they’re foreign based. I’m looking for a new place to put my cards and I want your opinion!

I added as many as I could find/think of, however there’s a few I know I won’t use.

Select up to two, then comment why, or why not! Poll closes in 1 month.

Favorite website to browse offer albums?
  • Google Photos
  • Google Drive
  • Zonerama
  • Flickr
  • Instagram
  • Pinterest
  • Imgur
  • Facebook
  • Douban
  • Personal Blog

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I prefer Flickr, because it’s very easy and everyone will be able to use it, even those who do not have social networks and have no knowledge of technology

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I have my issues with all of them:

  • Google Photos - I’ve used it before, but it mixes in with my regular pictures on my feed and creating the albums to sort them is a pain
  • Google Drive - I use this currently and I don’t mind it as a place for offer albums. However, I’ve had members tell me they can’t access it. Also, people tend to share the URL when requesting a swap and the URL is to the whole album, not a single picture (unless you do it a certain way).
  • Zonerama - I don’t mind browsing albums on this website, but it doesn’t take .PNG photos and all my card images are .PNG.
  • Flickr - I don’t mind browsing albums here either, but there is a limit to how much you can upload without paying.
  • Instagram - I don’t like albums here because not everyone has IG or other social medias and may not be able to access it.
  • Pinterest - Same with Pinterest.
  • Facebook - Same with Facebook.
  • Imgur - I don’t know that I’ve ever see an album here.
  • Douban - This is a foreign based website, so I couldn’t use it, and have trouble navigating offer albums here.
  • Personal Blog - This is nice if the blog is done well, but there’s also a space limit here.

I think so, too, except Flickr has a space limit. So, someone with 1000s of cards may have to pay to store all of them for viewing.

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I strongly prefer Flickr or zonerama links. It’s easy to navigate, good size preview and easy to share the link to a single card.

I don’t like the social media ones for the reason you stated. Google Drive etc have very small thumbnails, I don’t like to browse. Google photos doesn’t allow collection of albums behind 1 link (clicking several links for several albums is a hassle). Most personal blogs are not too comfortable to browse as well…


I always loved Picasa a lot… never found anything similar nice… still stick so google photos

Picasa…that’s new to me. Never heard of it.

Picasa doesn’t exist anymore. It’s the precursor of Google Photos.


Ooo okay. I don’t remember it, but I remember Photobucket being big in the early 2000s.

The site I used for many years went out of business. I have used Zonerama since then. Superb and very happy.

For my postcard store, I use HipPostcard.

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I used them. Too quirky for my tastes…

I think, price aside, Flickr is the best - the way names are displayed is very clear, and there is lots of space for more information in the description. But it is too expensive - the price rose so much over a few years that I had to stop using it.

I’m using OneDrive, which is a Microsoft product that is very similar to Google Drive. The big advantage with either of these is I can sync them to my computer, and so I can browse and upload via either file explorer or the web page, and changes I make will happen in both. When I used Flickr, I had scans on my computer as well, for uploading to PC, and I’d forget to make changes in both places, eg when a card was no longer available.

I’m happy browsing in Zonerama, Douban, or a blog (for a small number of cards - this would probably not be ideal for a big collection), but a big thumbs down to anything on social media.

I used to love flickr till they limited it to 1000 files for free use. It’s too expensive while zonerama comes close to flickr and it’s free with not too many adds. So my choice is easy Zonerama all the way!

Google photos is decent but you have to give a link for every album that’s why I don’t like it. Douban is too slow and for the others I’m not keen on others having to make an account to watch my albums.


I know many people who have multiple links like that use Linktr.ee to have them all in one place and to make it so they only have to provide one link.

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I use Flickr, but I’ve been looking for another site because I don’t like paying the annual fee. I’ve had it for a long time, but I feel like there has to be a better (and cheaper) way! I do love when people have Flickr Faves though so I can send them cards they have selected!

I’ll be following this, thanks!!

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I still use Flickr for the favs but that’s it.

Hello @jewelldelis ,
someone just asked a question about flickr in another topic and I noticed that we don’t have a help topic for Flickr, zonerama & Co.
What do you think about changing your topic to this?

Hi @Bille,

We can definitely change this topic to a help section for Flickr, et al. I’ll update the title and move it to the Help section.

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Thank you :heart_eyes:

But I moved it back , because the #postcrossing:help is only for real postcrossing purposes.

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Hi Folks,
I hope I’m in the right place and hope I’m posting my question correctly.

I’d like to create a ‘favorites’ page. From what I understand, I can do that on a site like Flickr, where I just created an account.

My question is…
Is there an easy way to create favorites without having to add one at a time? for example, if I see someone else’s favorites page and I like most or all of them, can I copy and paste sections of that page and add it to my Flickr?
Thank you kindly,