Best site to keep photos of postcards?

I see that many people have scanned or photographed their cards and will provide links to look at what they have. What is the best site for this? How do you keep up with your cards and what you have sent or not sent?



I use Flickr for my received postcards. I’ve read about people using pinterest, but I haven’t tried it.

I recently started separating files on my computer of the image of the postcards that I’ve sent to people. It’s worked pretty well so far. I used to just make a note in a notebook, but I found that more time consuming than just moving pictures around. I’ve always scanned my cards I’m mailing off for reference so it’s not much more effort than that already.


If you want a free site I would go for zonerama, less adds than flickr.


Hmmm, when I checked on this site it says 30 days free…is it free or just a free trial?

The online gallery is completely free! It’s only their program that is limited to 30 days but you don’t need it at all!


Thanks, I was very confused. I need to check into this option more.


I don’t use any hosting site, but my own hosted gallery… but would like to give another point of view (the person receiving the link and checking it out).

Zonerama and Flickr are equally easy to use. There are collections with sub albums possible.

Google photos don’t allow collections. Every album has it’s completely individual link. Not too nice for sharing (when there are many cards)

Pinterest and Instagram are not too nice, because the viewer needs an account to see all cards.

Facebook might work (when it’s public), but personally I don’t like it.

Then there are the cloud services… One Drive etc. It’s ok, but still not my favourite.


I use Google Drive or Google Photos.

Definitely look into it! The photo hosting site I had been using for many years (PictureTrail) is closing down. I switched to Zonerama. You can check it out with the link below…where I am offering FREE postcards!

Google Photos doesn’t allow collections, but it does allow photo albums. Within those photo albums you can add titles separating photos. (Photo below with an example)

I don’t have a Facebook and can confirm that like Pinterest and Instagram if you don’t have an account, you cannot view them.

What is the limit for uploads on Flickr? Number of images or size-wise?

I’ve never seen this, but this could potentially cause issues with “Copyright or trademark infringement”.

What is the limit for uploads on Zonerama? Number of images or size-wise? Is there a phone app for easy use?

Yes, I know. I used it when I started uploading my images. But if you have lots of images, it’s not helpful imho. I’ve switched to Flickr then until they set a limit. Now I’m happy with my self-hosted gallery software. As I have lots of images I really need some structure like categories, sub-categories etc

You can with Facebook (when the settings are accordingly)

1000 images (for a free account) :frowning:

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GAH! I’m close to 3000 images total! That’s…wow…

It can be pretty cumbersome. I agree. I’ve been using Google Drive, which allows for folders similar to Flickr, but without duplicating an image (thus doubling the space it takes in the drive) you can’t sort it in multiple categories.

Can you share more about this?

Yes, sure. There are several gallery softwares out there. I myself use Piwigo. The software itself is free to use, so if you already have webspace there’s no extra cost, if you don’t you need to pay for it. There’s also an option to rent space directly from them (so they will take care of all software updates).

There are many different themes available and lots of plugins (e.g. a very nice one: Flickr2Piwigo which made my move very easy… importing all my Flickr pictures including album structures with ONE click!).

Here’s the link:

I have set up two galleries: one for postcrossing (where everything is set to public) and a private one for family photos which are only viewable for registered users that I set up :wink: If you want to have a look at my gallery, just check my usercard :slight_smile: But it’s really one of many different available themes.

So…to put it in simplest terms…it’s kinda like WordPress (or another blog hosting website), but specifically designed to be a photo gallery?

Yes :slight_smile:

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Ooo…I will need to look into this. Mostly because some of my postcards also go to my WordPress website, but also because…I like to be able to control it!

Do you ever find that people have issues navigating it because it’s different than most photo album websites? Or accessing it because of government blocks (I’ve noticed some members who live in China have difficulties accessing my Google Drive website)?

I’ve never come across any problems, no one ever told me about problems but many told me that it’s very easy to navigate. (It really works like Flickr or Zonerama with the theme I am using for browsing the pictures)

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May I have the link to your public album? I’d love to take a look around.

It’s linked in my user card :slight_smile: Or use this link:

(when you have a look at the navigation bar on the left: there you can link other pages like your blog or - with an plugin - even a site without gallery feature as I did for my missing Unesco sites).

Do you mind if I PM you so I stop flooding this thread? LOL

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