Offer Album Question

Hey PC Family!

I have a few questions for which I’m seeking your opinions regarding Offer/Available Albums.

  • What categories do you like to see in offer albums?
  • I have hundreds of vintage/retro cards. Would you rather see them in a single album or would it be more beneficial to have them sorted in categories?



Preferences are very different on this topic… here’s my personal opinion

Categories vary a lot, it doesn’t make too much sense to have a category for just a handful of cards… so I create a category (or subcategory) whenever I have at least ~20 cards I want to put into that category (or the top category gets too cluttered). If you have many touristic cards, it’s always helpful to have at least 2 albums: own country, other countries as sending from origin is important for many Postcrossers.

I would prefer to have them sorted in categories, but most online albums have the option to put them in multiple albums. So having them in both would be possible.


I try to have different albums for different subjects. That being so, I have separate albums for Lighthouses, Maps, Bridges, International cards, Commercial Airlines and so on. Regarding Vintage/Retro cards, I can’t be of any help since I don’t collect or offer those.

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