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For your officials, yes

If you hover around your sent and received numbers, you’ll see a total.
Here’s mine as an example



Hope this helps!


But itsn’t it actually normal to have more cards sent than received? After all, technically, one of your cards has to arrive first before you are sent one back. I always have more sent than received and I actually worry when the numbers start to even out or the received cards even overtake the sent cards.


That makes sense to me, thank you for the explanation. I undersrand that my card has to be registered to have my adres elligible but I was wondering why this msg did not appear after each reception msg.
Now I know :grin:
Have a nice day.

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need some help here. I was trying to send a postcard to a person called [name] but my postcard came back to me. the postman said that her postal is no longer reachable. So, is there any way that Postcrossing can try and see if they have her new address for me? This is the ID number for that address: [ID] -thanks. [name]

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If she has changed her address on Postcrossing, you can see the new address when you click the ID on your list of travelling cards. The address gets automatically updated when one changes the address of postcrossing account.

However, I have received a few letters back with “address unknown” or similar texts, even if my penpals hadn’t moved. Sometimes such mistakes happen.


oh, thank you very much Kanerva!

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I noticed something suspicious the last days; it seems like messages I send to people via their profile did not reach them. I sent some messages to different people. Do you think it’s just a coincidence and nobody is answering me or did they really didn’t reached them? What do you think?

No postcard has yet been sent to me, neither from the addressees of my past postcards (altogether 6, so far) nor from other Postcrossing “random members”… Could you kindly help me by clarifyng how the system works?
Sorry for asking, but as a new member to this community I still have doubts.
Thanks a lot!
Pietro - “mumowriter”

Hello Pietro, welcome to Postcrossing and the Postcrossing Forum community!

Your address will be given to a random member each time one of your cards is being registered. It will then take a few days or maybe weeks until the cards arrive at your place. So you need a lot of patience, especially at the beginning.

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I need your help, please! I just draw some adresses some days ago (using travel mode) and now I finally wrote the cards.
But then, this happend: I wrote a card and then I was like: “Wait… The name sounds familiar!..”
What happened? I accidentally wrote down the adress from the person one row lower in the list, a person I already sent a card to…
What should I do? The card is stamped already…

It’s good, that you noticed while writing.

You can write a new card with the right adress and send the other (wrongly adressed card) as a suprise or bonus card, so to speak.

Or maybe you have a label that you can use to cover up the wrong address?


My correspondent did not leave his recognition code, which I cannot report as what, I received his card.

Someone could help me because I understand absolutely nothing in English :frowning: :frowning: :frowning:

Thank you

** In french please **

sur le côté droit de la page d’enregistrement d’une carte postale, il y a une section “Rechercher l’identifiant de la carte postale”, si vous cliquez dessus et remplissez les détails du mieux que vous pouvez, l’équipe d’assistance essaiera de trouver le code pour vous.

Également en anglais pour respecter les règles du forum/Also in English to comply with forum rules

on the right hand side of the register a postcard page, there is a section “search the Postcard ID” , if you click on that and fill out the details to best you can, the support team will try to find the code for you.


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Sorry, I don’t have any French. Hopefully, you can use a translation tool.

As you don’t have any official postcards that you sent registered yet, this isn’t an official postcrossing postcard.

Have you engaged in any forum activities? Maybe you received the postcard through that, in which case you could check your forum emails to give you a clue.


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I can send you a postcard if you like?

@LOUVE62 Petite astuce : Vous pouvez traduire le site internet de Postcrossing en faisant clique droit sur votre souris puis en cliquant sur “traduire en français”.

In english : Tip: You can translate the Postcrossing website by right clicking on your mouse and then clicking on “translate into French”.