[TESTSTATION] Playground - Test all functions of the forum

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Test reply

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Testing out a poll

Does this poll show?

  • yes it shows
  • no it doesn’t show
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I followed the instructions to try and set up a poll but it still appears as text. I’m not sure if anyone has any tips.

I fixed your poll by starting it on a separate line.


test[quote=“Bille, post:1, topic:433765, full:true”]
Here you can try out all the functions of the forum extensively and without restraint.
If you don’t know how to use one of the functions, please ask here for help.

Please don’t delete your post after testing so that other users can learn from it.
Thank you.

For all other questions besides of the functions please use

in German: [TESTSTATION] Spielplatz - Teste alle Funktionen des Forums

strong text
emphasized text

Blockquote test test

Add images


test poll

  • morning
  • afternoon
  • evening
  • nothing
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If you would like to quote a text, you have to do that in a new row.

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like this way?

oh i know. it is very seem like markdown

@postbot quote

こんにちは!私ができることを知るには @postbot ヘルプを表示 と言ってください。

@postbot ヘルプを表示


@postbot 始める {name-of-tutorial}

あなただけのインタラクティブなチュートリアルを開始します。{name-of-tutorial} は次のいずれかです: チュートリアル, 上級チュートリアル

@postbot サイコロを振る 2d6

:game_die: 3、6

@postbot 引用

:left_speech_bubble: 人の心が思い描き信じたものは何でも、実現可能である。 — ナポレオン・ヒル

@postbot フォーチュン

:crystal_ball: 期待していいですよ

@postbot 引用

[edit] I see. When I changed the language setting, I need to use the same language for the postbot commands (“quote” doesn’t work) :memo:

:left_speech_bubble: 男にとっては小さな一歩だが、人類にとっては偉大な一歩である。 — 二―ル・アームストロング

@postbot サイコロを振る 3d15

:game_die: 8, 6, 10

Edit to add: This is the grid gallery.

Add images

Edit to add: This is the image gallery.

Had to make a space between the coding in front and at the end. So where it says “add images” is where to upload the images I wanted in the album.