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Where do you buy the WonderPost postcards with the animals dressed as mail carriers? I tried googling it and found a bunch of websites talking about them but didn’t find any selling them

Hello! I have a card from March 2022 that I’m 99% sure has been registered, however it’s not showing up under Received? Could it have been deleted, or is there someway to check if I missed registering this one? Thanks.


You can search the card using the ID-code. If the card has been registered, it shows up. If the search comes up as negative, the card hasn’t been registered.

If you can’t find it under your recd list, then you will not have registered them either, because no registered cards will be deleted.

Thank you! Apparently I missed registering it!

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Are different people allowed to have accounts that use the same address? My sister works at a senior center and is looking to start a program for Postcrossing! Would she just be allowed to make one account in the same way teacher’s do for their classes or would participants be able to make individual accounts that all use the senior center’s address? Thank you in advance for any replies!

Yes, that’s allowed. There are many times where multiple family members live together and each have a Postcrossing account. Some people actually even multiple accounts under the same name at the same address, which is discouraged but not explicitly disallowed.

I would also like to add that the e-mail addresses must be different.

I didn’t receive the postcard. I would like to ask. I changed my address. Domestic letters can be received normally, but I have not received postcrossing letters. Why? Is it necessary to wait for a while before postcrossing will send matching letters after changing the address?

Would you please let us know when you changed your address?

I have just seen that you have a sent/received difference of 11. Your last 11 cards were only registered from 18 March - most of them in April.
Since your address only goes out to other users when cards written by you are registered, cards to you should have been travelling for 41 days or less.
It seems to me that you shouldn’t worry about that as cards to China often took a long time.

I would recommend that you wait another 1 or 2 weeks and if no card has arrived then you can contact support :arrow_right: Contact us

OK, thank you, l wait for a while!

Sorry if I’m posting this in the wrong place:

Is there a way to search for official cards on certain themes? I would like to add some Star Trek cards to my official favorites list, but am having a hard time finding them (for some reason not everyone wants them?! :laughing:).

Alternatively, if you know of any official Star Trek cards, I would love if you would share the link with me, maybe via PM!


When searching the forum via hourglass icon for Star Trek you will find various topics on Star trek. Some requesting the theme, some offering or discussion it. I would look into someone’s profile (sent or favourites) and find those postcards to like.
That’s how i do it but I’m new to Postcrossing. Maybe there’s a better way.

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I am not aware of a search option in the official postcards, only in the forum.

Hello everybody! Tell me, is this the official postcrossing mailing address - “”?

The best way to contact the support team is via the main page.

Help —> Contact

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That is the email address that Postcrossing support uses, but the best way to contact them is by using the contact form on the main website under the help tab. Different support people respond to different needs, so using the contact form will direct your message to the support person who will be most helpful for your need, and will help them send you a response faster. If you sent an email it would take longer for your message to be directed to the best person to help you.

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I searched the forum and Googled it, but I couldn’t find what I needed. I would like to know how many kilometers my cards have travelled all together. I haven’t sent or received that many cards yet, but I’m still very curious.

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