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I find this common, and like others have said sometimes it’s more sent, other times more received, but it does balance out. Not long ago I didn’t receive any cards for a month then last month I received 29. I suspect it has something to do with the postal service as well as pure chance, but there’s nothing I can do about it.
As long as the cards that I send are received (which as we all know isn’t always) then I’m happiest.

The fact that you have fewer cards received than sent is completely normal, as your sent cards first have to be registered before your address is sent out to other users.
Your last 10 cards have only been registered in the last 5 days - so cards to you have only been on their way for a short time and can’t have reached you yet.
So please be patient - you will definitely get one back for every card you send.

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You need to shift your expectations a bit - there can be unequal numbers frequently for a variety of reasons in how the algorithm & postal systems works.

Sometimes the algorithm needs to give out your address beyond what cards you are owed, sometimes it’s equal & sometimes it’s imbalanced the other way plus all the variables of what affects mail delivery in many countries at any one time.

It’s not useful to expect that your numbers are going to be equal always - there are just too many variables in the system for that and and any kind of imbalance doesn’t always mean you are “owed” cards.

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Our kinder account - @LochPreschool - has been blocked because the address was seen as unsatisfatory. According to guidelines, we need to provide the name of a person or group. I would have thought the kindergarten’s name would have been classed as a “group?” I changed it to “Loch & District Preschool” instead of just “Loch Preschool” in the address for accuracy. This is how the school successfully receives much of its postal correspondence.

We didn’t want to add a teacher’s name because the postcards are suppost to be fore the entire class - not just one teacher. Has anyone had a similar experience? Do I have to attach the head teacher’s name to the address?

Kind regards,
Leah Broadby

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Your account has probably been automatically blocked by the system.

Maybe you can give the name of the administrative employee who generally takes care of your mail and add a c/o addition

First name … Surname
c/o class.xy or c/o Loch Preschool

If that don’t work or you don’t want to do it this way please contact the support team and ask for help :arrow_right: Contact us

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I’m not the one moderating this address, but in general, the point is that someone needs to be responsible for the cards, even with a group, to be sure that the postcards get to the right class and don’t just get set aside or perhaps ignored by someone who isn’t aware of the activity, etc (and then you’d write in your profile about being a group). But I’ve approved addresses like “Class Five, Such-and-Such School, Imaginary Road, Little Town, Postcode, UK”, so the class number or something may be enough – and it may depend on the guidelines for your country. I think I saw that you emailed as well, which is most likely the best way to get an answer from the person moderating the address.

FYI for @Bille – apart from not allowing a duplicate of an address already used, addresses are moderated manually. There isn’t a “system” blocking things; the messages people receive when addresses are rejected are sent by the person moderating addresses for that country.

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If the school has only one class and there’s nothing you can add to the address if you don’t want to use a name, you should contact the Postcrossing support via the main site. (Contact us)
I have an account for my school class that’s addressed

“school xy
class xy
streetname etc”

That was fine for the Postcrossing team.

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May be you could write something similar to this:

Class xy
c/o name of responsible teacher
School’s name

I am trying to register a postcard and it would not let me. I had postcrossing support help me with the ID. I tried to put the ID they gave me into the system to register it and it still didn’t work… I tried to do it two times. Could someone help me.

Thank you in advance! :sparkles::love_letter:

Update: I got the correct combination!! I finally registered it! :blush:

Your numbers seem to be 447 sent, 445 received now, just 2 days later… so I guess things are moving in the right direction! :slight_smile:

Good afternoon, I don’t know if I’m writing here, but maybe someone can help me. I’ve been ignored by support for 5 days, no one answers my emails. I had contacted them several times before about receiving postcards. In 3 months I received 6 postcards, then I sent 20. On Tuesday I went to the site to send a postcard, but because of my problem they blocked sending me! Why? I myself wrote about my impressions that I do not receive postcards. I arranged at the post office for the postman to call me as soon as they arrived - an hour later I was already registering them! But now I can’t even send them myself! Is it possible to remove this blocking? I am a conscientious user who registers everything right away. Help me solve my problem. All these situations make me very sad.

Hi @Snezha-Fox and welcome to the forum. I’ve moved your post to this thread as it is more appropriate here.
I suggest that you give the team some more time to reply. The team which answers e-mails is small and they might be busy.
Hopefully the remaining postcards arrive soon, so that they can be registered. This is llikely to help.

I’ve been waiting for an answer for a week now. Support has always responded to me in 1 day, and now it’s just being ignored. I’m already waiting and no one wants to help me.

I have tried searching the forum and the site FAQ, without finding the answer to this:

If someone sends me an official postcard, and they upload a photo of the card, will the photo also be deleted from the site if this person choose to delete their profile?

No, the picture will not be deleted.

Look here :arrow_right: Postcard FI-4534151

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Are the SENT and RECEIVED sections on our profile page only for official postcards. I know there is a page on the Forum for all cards but wondered if the section on our profile was for postcards with IDs only.

Yes, the wall on the main page is only for official cards with IDs.


Hello everyone! I’m rather new to the postcrossing and I have a question. Recently I changed my address and marked the postcards that should have been received to the old address as received. But they are not in my mailbox yet. So, the question is - they will still come to my old address, right?

Welcome to the forum @FromHeartToWorld :wave:

The cards normally go to the address that was current at the time your address was drawn.
If you have submitted a forwarding request to your postal service (if this option is available), the cards will be forwarded to your current address.
Good luck!

Sorry if I chose the wrong category, I didn’t quite find anything like it.
The past three people I’ve sent a cart too all have ‘if after xx days the card is not registered, please contact me’ and that seems like a really good option. In fact, today I received a card and the person said it’s the second card they’re sending me because the first one probably got lost. And I truly would like for people to be able to message me if a card is taking a really long time. But how? I know that you can’t just message someone on their profile…

Any tips are welcome!