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The recipient has since corrected the error on their end, but the card is still showing as one of my “SENT” cards. I’m sure there is a simple fix that I’m just not seeing. Any suggestions?

To be clear, I did not send the original card.

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Yes, sometimes it can happen that the wrong card is registered for a similar number if both IDs are sent to the same recipient and this cannot be cancelled either .

You can easily solve the problem by sending the overdue card to the recipient, who can then inform you by postcossing message when the card has arrived.

May I ask why you haven’t sent the card ?

So the user got a card not sent by me and entered an ID erroneously which by coincidence was one of my assigned IDs. That user then favorited the card, which prompted me to contact them and ask them to check the ID again. They did so, crediting the true sender. My question was about how to strike the card from my “SENT” list. Not a huge deal, but it doesn’t sound like I can… :slight_smile:

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Hi! Yep, indeed, you can’t undo the registration of a card. You must also have been sending a postcard to this member, otherwise it wouldn’t have been possible for it to be registered. So once the card you’re meant to send arrives, then the member can let you know it has arrived, but it can’t be registered again.

No, you cannot remove the card from your sent list - that is not possible.
But you have to write the card anyway, which of course cannot be registered a second time.

Thanks all!

This person seems to have used washi tape to ‘trick’ Deutsche Post into thinking there was a stamp? Maybe I am wrong and it is valid. If it is a case of deliberately not adding any postage, am I required to register it?

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I think you will have to fill out the help form on the main page and ask. Could there have been a stamp over the washi tape that fell off before it was postmarked?

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The washi tape itself was postmarked directly.

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Please don’t register this card, inform the support about that and wait for their answer.

Can I check if I have to register something that’s not a postcard? I received a greeting card with an ID today

We discussed that in another now closed topic and here is an answer from Ana to that:


Yes, but you don’t know if there wasn’t a stamp and it fell of before it reached the postal service.

At least our stamps don’t last on washi tape, I made the same mistake years ago but fortunately the stamp fell off before I put it into the mailbox.

But yes, if you have any doubts or even evidence about tricking report it to the support before registering.


Gotcha, I’ll wait for the team to advise on next steps

Well — I played detective and took a closer look at the card and the postmarks.

From what it looks like, it was even postmarked twice: once at a post office (the lower one right next to the Priority label in the town of Weil der … (probably Weil der Stadt) and another time at a sorting center (that’s the faded wavy line postmark).

From what it looks like, there must’ve been a stamp on the card as the ink impressions of both postmarks suddenly end like this (marked with the green line):

…and this space perfectly matches with the size of our old flower definitive stamps.

As far as I’m concerned, it’s quite unlikely that a card without any stamps successfully passed both through manual inspection at a post office counter AND a sorting center and would’ve been caught by Deutsche Post at some point — so I guess this is no case of postal fraud.

I guess @Angelthecat is right: the glue on our stamps doesn’t stick properly onto washi tapes, so it must have fallen off somewhere on the card’s journey after it got postmarked.

I would probably just register the card in this case — but as @Bille suggested, you could also contact support.


Thank you, I shall likely advise the sender not to put stamps over washi tape in future!

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Yes, register the postcard.