:postcard: Mail Suspension Alerts

Hong Kong 29 Apr 2024
Press Release Here

Mail is resumed to:

  • Namibia

Postal Monitor was updated in the past 2 weeks for:
Austria, Belize, Bosnia-Herzegovina, Brazil, Bulgaria, Canada, Croatia, Estonia, Hong Kong, India, Indonesia, Ireland, Korea (South), Moldova, Namibia, Qatar, Russia, Slovenia, Sweden, Tajikistan, Ukraine, Vanuatu, Vietnam.

Thank you for your reports!

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Postal Monitor was updated for:
Dominican Republic, Jamaica, Japan, Netherlands, Slovenia, Thailand.

Why isn’t Liechtenstein on the drop down? I was just messing around when I saw Belarus doesn’t send to Liechtenstein. I went to check Liechtenstein and it isn’t on the dropdown?

Hi @lyndac
As it says in the first post,

If you do not see your country on the list, it’s because they have
*No suspensions (you can send mail to all areas in the world)
*No information (your postal system does not provide current information to the public)

Anyone can contact their postal agency to have them publish or update the list of suspended destinations.

Please note that international postal routes are NOT interchangeable: “Country A can send to Country B” does not mean “County B can send to Country A”

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I understand what you are saying but there is an incoming restriction on Liechtenstein so I wondered why it wasn’t listed. Belarus does not send to them.

The Postal Monitor only shows outgoing suspensions. Hence if Belarus doesn’t send to Liechtenstein it will only show in the Belarus drop down. As it doesn’t show in the Liechtenstein drop down, there is no suspension of the reverse route.

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Postal Monitor is oriented towards outgoing suspensions. It is mainly used as to keep track of where the mail cannot be sent to.

Because we currently do not have entries for suspended destinations for Liechtenstein, the country does not show up on 'Postal Monitor.

If we are to show incoming suspensions, 'Postal Monitor will become a lengthy list of 248 destinations and many of which will show only incoming suspensions.
There are postal operators that do not share their suspension list with the general public.
A country showing only incoming suspensions will not mean the country sends to all destinations.

Edited: Of course it can automatically show the opposite, but it is set no to.
'Postal Monitor is for outgoing, not incoming, suspensions.
The current setting prevents misleading information regarding outgoing suspensions:
As explained above, a country with 0 outgoing suspensions + 10 incoming suspensions does not mean that the country sends to all destinations. But a countries with 10 outgoing suspensions + whatever-the-number of incoming suspensions means the country does not send to 10 countries ← this is the purpose of 'Postal Monitor
and that’s why only the countries with outgoing suspensions are shown.

Edited: We got a list of suspended destinations from Liechtenstein Post, so now the country is in 'Postal Monitor.

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I believed that if you had an incoming and an outgoing tab, you were using both of them. As a retired Database Admin I knew that once you had once set of data a simple query produced the opposite. I had no idea you were hand entering the data. Sorry for bothering you.

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Currently, countries where Myanmar Post can send postcards normally
Australia, China, Japan, India, Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, United Kingdom, USA, United Arab Emirates and Viet Nam



Does anyone know if there are currently any issues with Germany receiving post at the moment? I am from the UK and mail to Germany usually takes 4-10 days for my cards to get registered. I currently have 4 postcards on their way to Germany that are at 25 days plus and 2 of which that are now expired. All my other cards are arriving, I’ve checked and all these members have been online within the last couple of days, so I’m very confused. I’m from the UK where postcards cost the same worldwide so it’s not a stamp price issue.

Hi @Lissy99 this topic(thread) is for reporting postal information to update 'Postal Monitor.
You might like to ask the question in the German community or ask other postcrossers in the UK.

Postal Monitor was updated in the past 3 weeks for:
Australia, Bahrain, Barbados, Bosnia-Herzegovina, Christmas Is., Cocos Is., Cyprus, Dominican Republic, France, Jamaica, Japan, Liechtenstein, Myanmar, Netherlands, Norfolk Is., Slovenia, Thailand.

Thank you @zhuronhua for the report.

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@lavonq @Ludek: Poczta Polska seems to have a new website and the pages with the list of available/unavailable international destinations no longer exist (and don’t redirect to new ones). I’m not finding the same info on the new website – perhaps it’s easier for you as the website is in Polish?

It seems that there is no longer any such information available on the new website.
I may ask at the post office when I’m back in Poland. I doubt that Polish Post has started sending to Russia again. All other destinations might be available again.