:postcard: Mail Suspension Alerts

I noticed that the Postal Monitor of outgoing mail from Singapore doesn’t include Belarus. However, mailing to Belarus got suspended as well


That link seems to be from 2022, on the site for service announcements, the table shows that mail to Belarus is available



@tangqiuning This topic(thread) is for reporting official postal information to update 'Postal Monitor.

You might like to ask the question in the North American community or ask your fellow postcrossers in China.

@paulo - a short update from me :slight_smile:

So far - nothing. I got an automated e-mail confirmation that they have received my message but there was no deadline for the reply, just that they will reply (who knows when). There is also no e-mail address to write to, just a phone number. If I’m feeling annoyed enough, I might just call them but that will not help much, since it will be only me hearing their answer on the phone.

Honestly, the shape our post is currently in (big money issues, post office hours have been cut across the board, people are being let go) - maybe nobody has yet read my question…


updated on the mail website


Postal Monitor has been updated in the past 2 weeks for:
Australia, Christmas Is., Cocos Is., Denmark, Dominican Republic, Faroe Is., Hong Kong, Indonesia, Mexico, New Zealand, Norfolk, Peru, Pitcairn, Russia, Tajikistan.

@delenn_mir and @Whitelake, thank you for your help!