[TALK] In ENGLISH - Visitors Corner

For all you guys out there who don’t speak German but wanna take part in some discussions with the German Postcrossing community.

Requests for swaps, notebooks etc. can be posted here as well as off-topic chats (in English of course)

Feel free to be part of our lovely German community

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Thank you for creating this English corner for us newbies who always confuse their der/die/das:flushed:

We have good news that we wanted to pass along to the German community: we got confirmation from Deutsche Post that the Cards for Literacy campaign is going to happen again this year! :tada: :tada:

Please start a thread in your language to let postcrossers in Germany know — I’m sure some of you will want to start saving some slots for December soon. We look forward to a brilliant December, helping this good cause!


:tada: great news @meiadeleite :tada:

That is very good news @meiadeleite :kissing:

What a coincidence - I just thought this morning that I should transfer the old thread to this Forum today.

Woohoo! :tada: :smiley: That really is good news!


That is some wonderful news! And somehow it feels great that at least one thing stays the same in this crazy year… :grin:

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Hallo, wie geht’s! Is anyone considering buying the Toilet Paper stamp the Austrian postal service will issue in a couple of days?!

Hi @FairyFoot, you should ask @Claw or @Vielflieger if you are interested in that stamp, I think.

It is only curiosity rather than a serious request!

Yep, me. :slight_smile:

My aunt (who’s living in Vienna) just sent me an email that she got one stamp for me :smiley:

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Hey dear German Postcrossers :slight_smile:

I’m wondering if there are advent calendar for postcrossers - with lovely postcards/stickers/etc. Would appreciate some inspiration :slight_smile:


I only know of one and they needed to be pre-ordered some time ago. I always swap one with 24 fellow postcrossers (an envelope with a written card and a small goodie like a bag of tea, stickers, washi etc). Some people do it with blank cards, too. However one prefers.

You can see my current one here (not finished, but it’s only beginning of November)

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That is so sweet! I hope you’ll send at least a postcard to her saying vielen Dank, when the stamp arrives!

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Just stumbled across one, but it’s Facebook only. Irmis Briefpapier Shop offers a postcard advent calendar for 8 € (including postage). Available themes are animals, flowers or horses.


I see many lotteries in German - Deutsch section and some participant are from countries other than Germany. I translated the lottery using google translate and I didn’t find any information stating that non Germany members can or can’t join the lottery.

Are lotteries in this section open for everyone or only for Germany member?

I think that is just like in the old forum.

In my opinion everyone is invited to participate, sometimes people state that only participants from Germany are allowed (because it’s more than a postcard and the postage fee would be too expensive). We have quite a few regular international guests, but well… German speaking, because German is this board’s language (except for this topic). And yes, the German community is quite active here on the forum :smiley:

Let’s see what others are thinking.

edit: oh well… and you should be okay with receiving the card written in German :grin:

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Yes, it is absolutely correct what @Cassiopheia writes.

Every person is welcome here in the German part of the forum, no matter what nationality they are.
But the board language is German here, so you have to write in German and if you win a card it is written in German.

However, this does not always have to be the case - every person who organises a lottery has the right to send cards only within Germany or only to active members of the German forum.

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