:postcard: Mail Suspension Alerts

China can send to Israel now

公告详细信息 (ems.com.cn)


Postal Monitor was updated for:
American Samoa, China, Czechia, France, Ghana, Guam, India, Macau, Marshall Is., Micronesia, Northern Mariana Is., Palau, Puerto Rico, Slovenia, Switzerland, USA, US minor outlying Is., Virgin Is (US).

@Whitelake and @Donald, thank you for the reports!



From South Korea to France : Avis express international (epost.go.kr)

The post say late but not : Intteruption service.

Cards can go from South Korea to France no ?
( Reunion Island is a french island, with same stamp and price, so From south Korea to France too )


Hi @Manue974

Yes, you can click “source” on Postal Monitor.

The most recent list from Korea Post says they send to France.
But Reunion is not on the list.
Sending to the mainland does not mean the mail will be sent to its overseas territories.

Here is what Korea Post says about Reunion.

중계국가(프랑스) 중계 중지로 발송 불가 (서울청 국제영업과, 2020.04.02.)
Unable to send due to suspension of relay in the relay country (France) (Seoul Office International Business Department, 2020.04.02.)


Postal Monitor was recently updated for:
American Samoa, Chile, Cyprus, Germany, Guam, Jamaica, Lebanon, Marshall Is., Micronesia, Netherlands, Northern Mariana Is., Palau, Puerto Rico, Switzerland, Thailand, Uruguay, USA, US Minor Outlying Is., Virgin Is (US).


As to the resumption of sending mail by Russian post to New Zealand, in fact it concerns only EMS packets as it is written on a webpage shown in the screenshot. Ordinary postcards and letters may be returned to a sender from a mail sorting center.

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Hello Postal Monitor team! I was in Kenya last fall and sent several cards from travel mode. The post office there told me they could send to all countries. However, none of my cards to Russia or Belarus arrived (official or trades).

I’ll be back in a few weeks and plan to send more cards from travel mode. Is it possible for now to restrict getting addresses from Russia or Belarus while in Kenya?


The route from Kenya to Russia is already blocked since November last year, as we noticed poor delivery rates and we have been monitoring the already traveling mail in case it arrives.

I’m afraid we can only block a route with an official source, or, if we see in the data that there’s a problem. For the moment, we don’t have enough data yet from Kenya to Belarus to take action, but we are keeping a eye.

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Postal Monitor was recently updated for:
Brazil, Gibraltar, Guernsey, Isle of Man, Jersey, Korea (South), Netherlands, Qatar, Sri Lanka, UK.


Nepal Post has resumed postal services with China.


The list for Mexico is wrong. As @sacmersault says the Facebook page (and the official website) does not have this information.

I asked at my local postal office: Only Ukraine and Russia comprise the list.

Please correct this since I was assigned an address from Ukraine and now I have to find a way to make it arrive.

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Thank you for the heads up on this. We are currently checking with Nepal Post to make sure that notice includes letter post items and not just parcels as the translated text is not clear. We’ll update once we hear back.

The information we have comes directly from Correos customer support who confirmed explicitly that the route to Ukraine is available.

This seems to be confirmed by the fact that postcards seem to be arriving:

Postcard MX-72415
Postcard MX-72467
Postcard MX-72783
Postcard MX-72174
Postcard MX-72345
Postcard MX-71411
Postcard MX-71256

That said, the information we received on this was back in September and we’ll check again in case it has changed.


Thanks for the update on Kenya! I still have 5 cards traveling to Russia and Belarus from my last trip and will keep an eye on what happens with the cards I send this trip. I’ll can also ask one of my local friends if they can help find anything official regarding these routes online.


I’m wondering if an update is needed about Taiwan? I drew an address from Taiwan today but I assume that now is not a good time to send postcards there given the earthquake last week.

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Hi @Alb
It is up to your country’s postal operator to decide whether to suspend mail or not.
So far, no postal/logistic services including Taiwan’s Chunghwa Post, have suspended mail to Taiwan due to the earthquake. Delays are inevitable, but no suspensions.

Generally speaking, it is a judgement call for postal operators, depending on the amount of the mail volume, the expected recovery time for the affected area (and how the rest of the system is functioning), the labor/cost efficiency, and so on.
For example, If the postal traffic is not high, a receiving country would still accept mail or a sending country could hold mail until the situation improves.
Unless it is affecting a whole country (like a war, a coup, a dysfunctional government, a pandemic, or other major national emergency), postal operators usually do not suspend international mail due to a disaster.

No countries suspended mail for recent events like wile fires in Australia and Chile, volcanic explosions in Iceland, earthquakes in Japan, flooding in Norway, Germany, Netherlands, Thailand, etc.

I’m sure @paulo and @meiadeleite are closely monitoring postal traffic to/from Taiwan and would update 'Postal Monitor when it’s needed.


Update for Albania! :albania:

Destinacionet ku mund të dërgohen objekte postare (Posta Shqiptare)

According to the list, the changes are the following:

Added: Ivory Coast/Côte d’Ivoire (Bregu i Fildishtë)
Removed: Sri Lanka, Zambia (Zambi), Zimbabwe (Zimbabve)

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I do not know how the lists are updated. I am from Libya, and according to the list of countries that can send to Libya, there are many countries that can send normally to Libya. This list is incorrect. I received envelopes and cards from several countries on this list during this month, including Albania, Australia, Belgium, Brazil, Croatia, Finland, Russia, and Senegal.


The AusPost website says that post to Libya from Australia is still suspended. I can’t find them now but I’ve seen posts that say that suspensions can be due to lack of transport or other events resulting in long travel times, which could mean that letters could potentially still make it, it’ll just take a while. How long did it take for the card from Australia to arrive? It’d also be interesting to hear how they posted it; in a post box or at a post office?

The latest update for service interruptions in Africa was on the 4th, so hopefully there should be an update soon if service is restored!

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Hello @fareglarkt
Postal Monitor is updated according to the announcements or information provided by the postal operator (or sometimes the government) of each country.

We do not update 'Postal Monitor based on individual cases, because the postal routes have to be open from all parts of the country, for anyone, at any time, consistently.

Please refer to the first post. Thank you.


its send to me in 7-feb and i got it in 11-mar, about 1 month, but it was send to Libya via Germany

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