How do you store or display your postcards?

Well now it’s 153 haha. And that’s nothin. My friend has over 1,000!! :exploding_head: :exploding_head:


Last night I took all the old notes and things off my bulletin board—and turned it into a postcard gallery! I’m very pleased. :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:


The case is that I think I have more than 3,000 postcards. I prefer to keep them all in albums and hope them fit in perfectly in the album, off course I don’t like them falling out when I look through. Here comes the problems.

After I tried lots of ways to classify my collection, now I decided to put them all in one album just according to the date I receive them. But the cards are not always a standard size, which makes it harder to work this way.

Second, I upload all my incomings to keep better track of them and to avoid duplicates. How do you track your online collection to your real album to make sure you can find them easily when you want?

Or how do you store your collection and how does it work?

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I actually put them on my walls

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Well that’s really a great way to exhibit but it becomes impossible while I have such a big collection. That’s why I the second question comes up when I want to find them easily and exhibit them somewhere.

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I started with albums

It soon became clear these wouldn’t be adequate.
I played wigh lever arch files & plastic wallets + plastic boxes for new cards waiting to go out.

I became increasingly concerned about levels of plastic in my hobby so tried photo storage boxes from Amazon
File dividers within for countries & the odd box for specialisms e.g. birds & bridges for me.

I also display newly received cards on the wall until filed.

I like the boxes strong/compact & not too large/heavy to manoeuvre. I revisit cards when I file which is nice too.


I use albums but I am running out of space in my office for these albums. I send and receive postcards since I was a kid. I kept most of the ones I received. But, now after joining postcrossing, I am getting a lot of cards. I love it but I got to find a way to make my wife happy with me taking over every space we have in the book shelves for my cards albums (I also collect stamps and I have albums for those too. You can see my problem now)


Ours are in a postcard display in our living room. :heart:


Inspired by this thread, I overthought my kind of storing the cards. :open_book:

I found an old traveling book - pages of it are my new background. To connect the two sides I glue them on a page from old papers I do not use anymore and but some washi-tape over it.
Then I use photo corners to “stick” the cards to the page. To protect them I put everything in a transparent sheet.
At first I wanted to categorize them, but I couldn’t find a fitting pattern, so I order them how they came. :bookmark_tabs:

I like it, when it’s colorful and from time to time I reread postcards again and some of my favorites taking place in a frame near by bed :framed_picture:


I keep my postcards in A5 folders, and a few A4 folders.
There are separate themes. But the main part is divided by country.


How are you enjoying Postcrossing now? I hope you have received more cards!

Wow! How many postcards do you currently have? or do you even know?? haha!

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I keep mine in boxes by country with a separate box for my UNESCO cards. But will share this project I did a few years ago. I got into Postcrossing after inheriting my grandmother’s postcard collection. These are all vintage linen cards sent to or from my grandmother or my great-grandparents. It’s just a fraction of her collection, but they are very special to me. Eventually I want to do something similar with some of my own collection.



Hi, everyone.

I bought a boutique book with a black cover this week. Since I - like many of you I’m sure - love colorful postcards, I completely redesigned the cover, with washi tapes of course.

Now I just have to choose my favorite postcard themes :relaxed:

This is what the newly designed boutique book looks like:


I have about 7500-8000 postcards in folders. In boxes I keep postcards from Russian shops and sets from different cities of Russia. I didn’t count how many postcards in the boxes. :relaxed: :relaxed:


As of now I just have 6 card received … i put it in a simple file… later I think to store it in a album…

Since yesterday I store them in this big box! Before that they were in that small beige box, which now has all the envelopes :smile:

On the top is some dog cards my mom gifted me :love_letter:

And on the “front” side of the beige box is cards from private swaps and tags, and behind just some cards I’ve found from thrift stores that I want to keep to myself.

I want to do the labels again and not by ID but by country names, colour coded or with flags printed and glued to them. But this was a quick solution.