How do you organise your postcrossing things?

so i don’t think there is a topic like this yet? i’m very curious how everyone is keeping and organising their card things.
i know some of you are able to fit everything you need into one shoebox, some of you have a lot more boxes, like me. i wanna see it all!

so let me start by showing you where, what and how i organise my postcrossing related things.
firstly, everything i need is here:

at the bottom you can see my scanner and in the black and white box are all my received cards. it’s only half filled, those boxes are huge.

the green boxes are for my washitapes and my cards, stamps and mose used pens.

then there’s another black and white box for basically everything else.
one box for stickers, one for rubber stamps i never use because i’m too impatient (and smelly chocolate stickers i just found out i have)

and at the bottom i have some sticker sheets that are too big for the sticker box, but mostly writing pads and envelops

so that’s all my stuff. now i see that it all fits into 4 photo’s it feels like i have less than i thought i did (maybe we can all pretend we don’t see the 8 postcard boxes).

but yeah. show us what you all use for postcrossing (if you make cards yourself i’m sure you have a lot of different things) and how you organise all you have.


Mine are not very organised yet. I just keep everything in the packaging it came in, but already the postcards have gotten all mixed up which means going through them every time to find one.
And my received postcards are displayed on my fridge and bookshelves around the house :slight_smile:


We started Postcrossing relatively recently and so far we could fit everything in one IKEA box:

It’s contents look like this:

And in the blue box I will keep the loose cards:


have you posted them here already? that sounds like it looks great.

and if you plan on staying with postcrossing for a little while you might want to start organising your cards :innocent:

@MarijnPascal , i believe we have the same book case. i love those, very practical. everything i don’t want in sight i just put away in boxes :sweat_smile:


I have my postboxes so disorganized! On the left from my desk, the “current” box with assorted stuff, on top stamps and in the writing process cards, plus stickers and tapes, more tapes and received cards box on top of scanner, underneath another received box and icebreaker collection album

And on the right under the desk boxes with blank cards, more stickers, tapes and other decorative materials

My toddler likes to shuffle everything, hence the taped boxes
Also there are countless received boxes, still unpacked after moving to a new place…


Everyone is so organised!

This is the furniture

And then I have one drawer with cards, which is half filled with plastic sheets for administration and on top are the cards


All my Postcrossing things are on and around this shelf. It used to be my bookshelf when I was younger.

These are my blank postcards. The loose cards are in the white bin.

These are all my stickers/sticker sheets.

These are my big loose stickers.

This is the binder where I keep my stamps.

This is all my envelopes of many different sizes.


It still fits into one box - both blank cards and those I have received.


Yeah so I don’t know if organized is what you call it but here…

My work space :stuck_out_tongue:

My letters box is blue and the one underneath still needs spray paint


In my wishful fantasy, I’am organized like in the pictures shown. Boxes on a shelf.

In reality … we’ll let’s say it’s very good that I am living alone. So I am the only one who has to perform parcours to get from my desk to the kitchen.

One of the biggest challenges: to sort newly-bought postcards into the fitting box. (not only because for some it’s not clear whether they fit tradition- or art- or people-category, but the sheer task itself :crazy_face:


I tried to sort mine. Then after 5 minutes I gave up. Me and I just cannot agree on a system.


that’s actually one of my favourite things to do. going through my cards, see what i all have and put them all together.
the only bad thing is that i always like my newest cards the best and i feel a bit guilty towards my older cards.


Where I store offer cards, my Gotochi collection, and stickers. Drawers are perfect size for most cards:

Washi Tapes:

Stamps in an expanding file folder:

My received cards - Collections on the left, countries on the right:

Finally, my digital collection:


With a drawer like that my collection would expand as well, love it!


Wow, those drawers - so lovely!


Oh, what wonderful pictures to look at (did I see a camel Washi there???)! :heart: :heart: :heart:

My kind of “storage” is not very helpful: inside my flat! Hahaha! :crazy_face:

What would be better: inside my house (but I don’t have a house! :crazy_face:)

When my mother, regularly, asks “how do you store your many cards?” I always think she wants to be controversial, as she knows full well, how I store everything… around my flat!

So I always have to sort through boxes or bags of cards to find the (hopefully) “right” card!

Anyway, you well organized people are so inspiring! :smiley: :yellow_heart: :green_heart: :blue_heart:


Lovely cupboard :heart_eyes:


received postcards in boxes after a few days of receiving

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I sort my received cards chronologically and my ready-to-send cards by “first impression”: put them all face down, then turn them over one by one and take note of the first thing that pops into my head. For example, I have categories “animals” and “old/vintage”, among others. A vintage photo of a cat could fit either of those categories, but if I let my monkey brain tell me the first thing it sees when I flip it over and put it in that category, I know I’ll be able to find it again because it will be the first place I think to look.

I hope I explained it well enough :sweat_smile:


Sounds like a good way to decide, im which category you put a card.
I already fail to decide on categories. So by now, I just put new cards next to those cards that are most similar. Yet their number is still low enough so I can mostly remember what I’ve got or where to search the right card when I get a profile.