How do you store or display your postcards?

I love the notes section of you album. I have mine in an album too but always hate that I can only display one side or the other. This is a great idea. I’ll have to find some with the notes sections.:heart:

Wow there are so many great ideas here for organizing and displaying! Love it.

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Hi all,
Does anyone have a creative or clever way of displaying their postcard collection (s) or decorating with them?
At one point, I just had an entire wall of my living room covered with them, but I’d like to know other ways to show off my collection…

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I currently have the first couple of hundred in scrapbooks - the last several hundred are languishing in boxes, but in the process of scanning them all to free up the physical cards for trade :black_heart:

Do you use a photo or scrapbooking album? Or a particular kind of box?

Can anyone point me to brands (preferably can be purchased in the US) of page-by-page albums, or sturdy boxes, that can hold most sizes of “regular” cards? Or even a search keyword (should I just be searching for A6 albums?)?

Right now I’m working with shoeboxes and they just aren’t tidy enough!


I am new to postcard trading so I keep my postcards in an old lunch box from my childhood. It’s an old Eddie Bauer tin lunchbox. I used to keep all my cards in this box but I have moved those old cards to a photo box that you can find at a craft store like Michael’s or store like Marshall’s.

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My favorite ones or ones that would make a fun writing prompt get taped in my journal. One piece of tape on each side of the card so I can still see both sides. The rest go in a box for now but I’m looking to get a couple albums for them.


I’m only new to all this and haven’t received any cards yet lol… I know it will take time to have received so much to have to worry about how to store them lol… but for now I am thinking, I have very plain walls in my bedroom (house share), so I’m gonna put some string on the 2 long walls and get some tiny pegs and put the cards I’ll receive on that string and when it gets to much I’ll start storing them in a shoe box :smiley:


Very recent ones goes to here:

Older ones here ( board still on floor since we havent figured out where to put it :joy:) some of these might later goes to fridge or my art wall)

And ultimate favourites will goes to above my art place.

Also some favourites on fridge door.


I have Them in a Album, but I wanna put some on My Walls. Maybe the newest of My favourite ones.

Hi. I don’t know if this is where this goes.

My name is Gracie. My mom is @Bellusion. I’m 9 years old and I love cats! My mom and dad (mostly mom) redecorated my room and some people have asked to see pictures!

It’s not quite finished but it won’t be finished for awhile. Amazon sent the wrong thing and the replacement won’t come for 2 weeks.

These are some special Hello Kitty postcards that someone from here sent me. I really love them!

This is my cat wall!! All cat postcards that were sent to me. My mom said it would be more special than buying blank ones to use. A lot of people from here are sending me more cat postcards! It will go all the way to top.

This is the part that’s not finished. I will have a white cloth bench here and all my stuffies will go inside of it. Amazon sent us a brown one.

This is where my state cards are going! There will be rows above the board too. I don’t have very many yet.

And this has nothing to do with postcards but it’s where my real cat lives! I have a new gray and pink cat quilt but I didn’t make my bed.

My mom doesn’t like when I hang things on my wall but she said I can put whatever I want in this section under my bed!

I hate my rug. My mom says it still matches and she has spent enough. It’s ugly.

I really love my new room!


Hi Gracie :smiley: @StarCatGracelyn
Nice decorations. Your state card collection & cat walk will be filled up soon & don’ t mind the rug, the rest of the stuff undermines it :slight_smile:
Thanks for sharing.


Hello, @StarCatGracelyn! I think your room looks awesome!


I love your room, cards and your rug :smirk:


I use a binder with foil folders. Thier size is A5, so no problem to put there postcards of diffrent sizes. I can see front and back of each postcard. I store postcards by the day of receiving in the mail box.


While sorting out my father-in-law’s house, we found this beautiful box which was designed for posting, so it seemed appropriate to use it for incoming postcards. I keep in here the postcards that I’m not going to display on the racks that I mentioned higher up this thread.

I also keep some envelopes and used stamps in this box.

The box features British heritage buildings, a subject that is also close to my heart.


I’m using a 12x12 scrapbook album (post, not 3 ring binder), with filler pages that I got off of Amazon (25 for $15, that hold six 4x6 postcards). I’ll post a picture of them on this thread.

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At first I wanted to hang them on the wall or clip them to a string, but as I started to receive more and more postcards, I needed a better solution! I like my 12x12 scrapbook so that the cards stay protected and I can see both sides of them! I can still add more album pages (which hold six 4x6 cards) so I imagine I’ll be able to hold up to 500 before I need to start another album.