How do you organise your postcrossing things?

i have about 5 categories. animals, illustrations, christmas (and other holidays), everything dutch related and ‘other’.
it’s all a bit messy though. i tried to keep my illustrated animals from my photo animals but apparently i didn’t always think like that because it’s not really seperated.
and ‘other’ are flowers and music instruments and stamps and everything you can think of. which all started with one of each but now i have say 5 flower cards but they’re not all next to each other 'cause everytime i just put them with the ‘other’ cards.
but i know mostly what i have and where it is, my box is not that big. and sometimes i’m surprised by what i have. which is nice, makes me feel like i suddenly have new cards again :joy:


Mine’s small enough at the moment to all fit in this box!


I store my postcards to be mailed in these “Oxford Boxes” on top of one of my desks. There is a third box in a closet half full with overflow cards.


Wow, these all really look good! I currently keep my stuff in two shoe boxes and then strewn around my desk. I really ought to buy one of those cube shelves with the cloth drawers, that is a great-looking solution. It is very easy to have too many postcard supplies! :innocent:

I used to tape all my received cards on my kitchen cabinets and walls, but I moved in with my partner last year and he says that looks messy. I kind of miss the wall of cards though.


I have about 10,000 postcards; 3700 from postcrossing and the rest from friends, family and ones that I buy for myself. They are stored in our dry basement on metal shelves in 36 plastic containers by subject, country, city or state.

Postcards to send are in my office on a large five- shelf bookcase. I have 24 bins on the shelves. They are filed, in individual plastic containers, by subject, country, city or holiday. My subjects run from national parks, cooking, recipes, animals, animals-marine, reptiles, insects, national costumes, lighthouses, astronomy, buttons, politics, cars, boats, deserts, Victorian houses, etc.

My stickers are in one file bin in hanging folders by subject and my postage stamps are in two large 3-ringed binders



is that cabinet all filled with postcrossing things? i’m very curious what you all have in there. :grin:


yep,some are postcrossing cards that I received these years and I already tidied up in the postcards album.Some are blank postcards which are sorted out by different category.The rest are stamps.


Most of my postcards are “organized” in Postcard Albums which were available years ago when I first started collecting. You can get a glimpse from my Postcrossing avatar.
Basically cards were sorted by topics such as by country/state or subject/holiday etc. This was “Before Postcrossing” and I didn’t receive cards regularly.
My Postcrossing cards, from the past decade, are either displayed in frames or in multi-sized regular photo albums. I do well to have a little “me” space in our home to keep anything.

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Since I have not been Postcrossing that long I have posted my postcards above my kitchen counter (see pic). I just love seeing all the postcards that come from all over the world and having them right in front of me…gives me a nice feeling inside! But, I am running out of space and don’t know where I will hang more cards…

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Hey guys! :wave: :wave: :wave:

I really need some inspiration! How do you organize your cards? And more importantly how do you organize letters?

Thank you for all the help :love_letter: :love_letter: :love_letter:



Hi Vera! You might find this topic useful:

Hope that inspires you!

You also might find some tips from this topic

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There are N number of ways. I shared about how I organize in my collection at,


Wow, I am very jealous of super organised people : )

So far I don’t have too much cards. I hang recent 10 card on the wall as below (planning to improve this unit a bit more : ) )
In the pink tiny box I keep the cards which are to be sent at some point.

Other received cards are in these 2 boxes for now:

Stickers, stamps and washi tapes are in a folder & pencil case.


How do you store/organize received postcards and tools (stamps, glue, new cards…) for postcrossing? Organizer boxes, folders, albums, etc… Show us where you keep it for us.


I just found this topic and - oh wow :heart_eyes:
How beautiful and organized your Postcrossing stuff look like. I’m amazed!
Let’s share my stock:

These are my first 80 postcards (stored in its original package)

Another 150 postcards from a previous order (same online shop)

This 10 postcards - they are so cute that I couldn’t resist.

A postcard book with 30 postcards from the french artist Paul Cézanne:

about 100 shaped postcards (The following is only a very small example):

I got two shoe boxes full with postcards (with 300 postcards each (in total 600)):

And these around 50 postcards I got from my neighbor:

Of course I also am having about 30 postcards from my hometown:

And around 150 from various sources like organisations, calendars, a few ad cards and from other postcrossers)

My beloved sticker collection (catagorized into themes like christmas/smileys/food, etc.)

And last but not least, my Washi Tape collection (about 30 Washi Tapes - I don’t need more):


I have got a question…
How do you store the postcards which are waiting for their use?
At the moment I store my one in a shoebox, but not all of them have the right size and it is a bit confusing.
Has somebody a good idea?


Some ideas in this thread - I just have some soft plastic containers from IKEA that I use - the postcards mostly arrive in clear plastic envelopes. I keep them in those & put them in the IKEA containers.

I’m just getting to the point where I’ll have to re-organize them by category given that I have about 260 cards or so, but for now, I have the pictures of the orders online & I have a good visual memory so I mostly remember which envelope/order they’re in. If I can’t figure it out then I have to go through a bunch of envelopes! lol

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I keep my empty, to be written cards, in a small postcard album like this:

It holds 160 postcards and the lower pocket I keep my unusual shaped or square cards, like in the photo.

I like this, because the cards are also protected. But I think it’s not good if there are much more empty cards.