Show your postcards?

do you show your postcards on instagram or another social network? have you set up an extra account for this? I’ve seen a few on instagram lately and I’m now thinking about doing that too!


Looks like some others show their sent and/or received postcards on Instagram at least.

No, I don’t. Why should I do this? I show all my cards here, this is enough.

Yes, I do.
I post them on Flickr and on Facebook.

I sometimes post back or front side of my postcards when they are ready to go on Instagram story. I’m not very active in social networks, don’t have an extra account, but I like to watch such content by others. :slightly_smiling_face:

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I generally don’t show my cards on social networks. I do however, post a “Daily Postcard” on Facebook with a description, for my friends.

@Zydre: Posting the back side with the message, where often is written town and name of the sender, may be problematic if the senders don’t know that you’ll do that. It’s a difference to write a message to one person or to know that it’ll be posted on Instagram, where thousands may see it…

In my opinion you should mention this on your Postcrossing profile, so everyone can keep it in mind for privacy reasons when writing a message to you. :slightly_smiling_face:


@Cassisia Thank you for mentioning this really important point. I totally agree with you. Respecting the privacy is the most important.

As for me personal, I never show the back side of postcards which I get from others.
I make sure to blur, hide all personal information and the message when I’m posting the picture of my sent postcards back front. My IG profile is private and only a few friends can see my stories. Mostly I do it just for showing the artsy side of this hobby. It’s taboo for me to publicize something that can harm personal information and note.

I have seen some bad examples in social media, when not even the message, but also the personal information is shown (both when sending and receiving). Although this is uncommon, but such content creators should carefully review the information they publish.
Thank you once more for bringing this problem to discuss. It’s very important and sensitive topic. :heart:


Thanks for answering! I’m glad to hear that you’re handling this matter so carefully. :smiley:

“When sending” is really bad. :flushed: Everyone must decide himself to share the own address publicly, but doing so with another person’s address without consent is a severe violation of privacy. If I stumbled across such a careless Postcrosser, I’d report it to the Postcrossing team. :triumph:


I have an Instagram account to show my incoming postcards and outgoing postcards. I also do swaps via Instagram. Especially when Postcrossing goes a little slow, I do more swaps via Instagram #addictedtopostcards :rofl:

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I do, but not all of them. I have a sex and relationship blog and after receiving some NSFW postcards I started a postcard series showing the cards I receive that are NSFW, erotic, Pin-Up, or LGBTQ+ themed.

There is now a post where everyone can share their blogs and/or collections.
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