Erotic postcards … I’ve seen some that repulsed me on a postcrossers profile is anything allowed?

I’ve seen some postcards that are so sexually graphic on a few postcrossers favorites wall
And I know children are on here… Is this allowed?


If i would like erotic cards (i not do but that is not the thing) i would not post any of them in my profile. I think that has something to do with decency.


I don’t know if it is allowed but I have reported some. if several people do this, the support sees that there are people who are bothered by it. usually there is a rule like this later.


Children here should be with their parents supervision, I think.
If I had like a 7 year old, I would do this only together, and when something appeared, observe their reaction, and talk about it. I think they will at one point see something and this is one of the safest places to see it, because you can compare older nude art to modern one for example. And of course if something is really disturbing, they can write to this forum too.

But if they have access to Internet and/or have smart phones, they probably already saw something worse or even sadder, someone contacted them in person.

By the time they are writing cards alone, parents or some close trusty adults hopefully already have talked about these things.


I think it’s good to talk about this. I know that Postcrossing had issues with Google Ads some years ago. As Google Ads didn’t want to advertise on a website that had nude images and I think Postcrossing decided to keep the images, but not to work with Google Ads anymore. (If that’s not true, please correct me, that’s what I vaguely remember!)
I think there’s also a difference between depicting people without clothing and showing sexually explicit content. I know that people in different places of the world might have different opinions on this. In the Community Guidelines, it only says “keep it family friendly” and I think it might be intentionally vague.
I think the only solution is to see what the @admins might say about what’s still family friendly and what isn’t. So I hope one of them will step by and tell us their opinion if they have time. :slight_smile:


There are certainly very different opinions
For someone the one photo/picture is still ok, for the other not.
And erotic photos, are not bad…only a matter of taste.
It’s just naked people pictures. :slightly_smiling_face: I see no problem there.


What i have seen that is repulsing is sexual acts on a postcard :scream: not just nudity

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Kids should be supervised at this website :relaxed:
It’s somebody’s taste you cannot change. It doesn’t bother me. Some people like nude cards, other religious cards…… Live and let live. Just scroll of you don’t want to see it :relaxed:


That would be pornography, which is certainly forbidden. (Although I have not read up now) But is not here from the age of majority.

Report the card and the matter settles itself. Not worth the excitement.

Again to erotic, there are also erotic RR . (So certainly not forbidden) Certainly allowed, is yes often even art.

So each card like what he wants.


It’s not a nude postcard I’m talking about it’s a graphic sexual act

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Ok ty for your opinions

Children are only allowed under their parents’ supervision.


We already discussed this issue here:

I stay with my opinion that Postcrossing shouldn’t censor nude pictures. But a pornographic, really explicit picture (showing genitals in action :see_no_evil: ) doesn’t have to be shown on somebody’s wall.


Yes, I too think you can report to admin if it’s bad.
But to make you perhaps worry less, often children, even when they see something what they shouldn’t, they don’t know what they see, if they don’t know what it is. If they know, then it’s worrysome how they know, and even then a still image in a card surrounded by views and animals might not be as bad, as a video sent straight to them for example or being a witness of that act happening.

Often it’s us adults who see what happens and understand it shouldn’t maybe be here. So we can react to it and help to remove it, if it’s over the limit. A child probably looks at it as a weird card and chooses to look at an animal card.

But: for some it’s too much seeing men together, and these type (=Tom of Finland) beddings were sold in normal shops in Finland. Or a nude lady is not good, but there is nude when it’s presented normally and nudeness like an object. Then again here was the topic about “men in Spedo”, and my thought was it’s a man in a beach, can’t be bad, when the image in reality was a close up of the speedo and what happened inside it :laughing: And even though I’m an adult, I first thought it’s a boxing glove :rofl: so children (and older people too) tend to see something familiar, and children shouldn’t know about sex acts, so they don’t look it like someone else who knows what happens.

So I understand, and I am not saying all kind of cards should be allowed to be here, but if the concern is about children, often they don’t “know” or care what they see.


Children should be supervised.


Ty again for your advice and opinions

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I totally agree with that !!!


I feel very uncomfortable when such an old man asks for nudes. How can I report such a profile?


It’s ok to ask nudes, but of course you don’t have to send one.
Just ignore the profile, send a card, and try to forget it.