Erotic Postcards

Hello all,
Today’s world is much more open than it was in the past, some of that is good, some is bad. We all need to find the balance for ourselves, our families and lives. With that said, what do you consider an erotic postcard? Must it contain nudity? Does it need to be like the older erotic postcards of the past? Can it be just a suggestion or hint?
Please share your thoughtful insights on this subject and or images what you consider an erotic postcard.
Thanks to all that share.

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I think you right about the world already more open, but some country still have ethics or culture and still not open about erotics or nudity.

Thats just my think :slight_smile:

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We already talked about this, for example here, with a statement of the admins:


Most of the english dictionaries I am familiar with would define the word erotic as something like this:

“relating to or tending to arouse sexual desire or excitement”

If it meets that criteria, I’d call it erotic. But whether or not it meets that criteria is very subjective depending on a variety of factors; values systems, creeds, social/cultural mores, historical era, religion, all contribute to that judgement.

Try reading this article to get a sense of what I mean:

In my experience, in America, nudity is oft equated with that concept; in many other parts of the world, not so much. I’d argue that nudity is not required ti make something erotic, and conversely, just because there is nudity, that does not mean that eroticism is involved.

One man’s opinion. You’ll likely get many, and, just as beauty is in the eye of the beholder, so may be eroticism, so I’d expect some subjective answers here. Curious to see where this goes.


Just as everyone is different, what is arousing to each person may be different. That is part of what makes life so interesting!


Please stay on topic in this thread.

The question is “What is an erotic postcard”, not “What do you think about postcards with nude people”.


It sometimes depends on the context. If the image is of an artwork is it educational or erotic? It raises the age of question is it art?"

If it is a vintage image is it part of history or just titillation?

Each individual will have a different definition so it is impossible for Postcrossing to determine a rule that will satisfy everyone.

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For me erotic would be something that makes me feel the card image would be for me and we are alone. So not too much posing. Nudity is not necessary, and full nudity is too aggressive to be erotic, to me. So yes, just a hint, that I get, is more erotic than angry looking man showing their muscles. Definitely no visible penis or even it hidden in too tight clothing or comical items.

It’s rare to see a card of a man that I would think erotic. Maybe my taste is so off from what women mainly like, or the men cards are not targeted to be erotic/to women.


Erotic postcard shows a naked human body with “private parts” (which considered inappropriate to show in public in our Christianity-influnced culture) exposed

I don’t mind these cards but I always send them in envelope

For me erotic postcard doesn’t equal nude postcard. The whole point of erotica is to arouse and that can be achieved with dressed body too. It’s more about posing, type of clothes, surroundings, words. Naked body can be portrayed in a non-sexual way (like baroque paintings of greek gods, breastfeeding, medicine, cultural clothes). I would like to recieve a postcard with Venus painting or advertising breast cancer awareness, but I don’t want to get a card suggesting sexual intercourse or something like that (I live with minors)

In my opinion, there is no single universal definition, but rather it is in the eye of the beholder.

In some cultures, even a bare shoulder or bare upper arm is considered offensive, while elsewhere a very tightly cut T-shirt is part of everyday life (at least in summer).

And then there is still the personal opinion of each individual.

My personal opinion is: an erotic postcard does not necessarily have to show nudity.


Do you regard this card as erotic?

I would not consider the Spice girls as an erotic card.


First of all, Peru has a millenary history, we have Macchu Picchu, KUELAP, our Moche culture, textiles from Paracas, and each generation was the creator of cultural objects such as “Las Cabeas clavas”, “Lanzón monolithic”, “Nazca Lines” , etc. Among them we have our “Huacos”, but we have a legacy of “erotic Huacos”, I do not want to offend anyone’s sensibilities, but as I repeat, it is part of the history of Peru: Here is just one example, but if you like I can post more:

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