Erotic postcards … I’ve seen some that repulsed me on a postcrossers profile is anything allowed?

Makes it a difference if a young or old man ask for nudes? No!
And I guess there is no reason to report that man. It’s just a picture of a naked person which you can also see every day on TV or in the newspaper.


And in the mirror :mirror:


What would you report him for: being old or asking for perfectly legal images? Just because you don’t like what people ask for, there’s no reason to report them.


This is exactly how I feel. I have been taking my kids to art galleries since they are born and have taught them that the human form is beautiful. There’s nothing obscene about tasteful displays of nudity, in my opinion. However, if it’s explicit pornography, that’s a different story.


I feel like this comment is rather ethnocentric. I am from North America and I don’t agree. We are all different and that doesn’t make one person right and another wrong. Surely, this is the kind of place where we can respect diversity and not be confrontational?


I would argue that this is a more puritanical standard. Not a higher standard. I live in the US and I don’t understand why people are so squeamish about something that is natural–so I would caution trying to say that all Americans think in X way. (Just as context, I lived in a variety of different places when I was a child and I saw the gamut of different places that were very matter of fact when teaching sex ed to other places where they would hide/ban all the sex ed books and punish students for wearing skirts that were “too short”.)

As an adult, you should know if you see someone with interests you don’t like, then you ignore it and send what you are comfortable with instead of raising a stink about it because it doesn’t align with your own sensibilities. If you have a child who’s doing Postcrossing, then you should be guiding them on this and serving as an example on how to deal with uncomfortable subjects in a mature way. Unless, of course, your purpose is to teach your child to go ballistic whenever something different comes along and tell people to ban it.


I don’t think it’s higher standards; just different standards.

It’s a bit like driving. We all think that the people driving quicker than us are reckless idiots, and the people driving slower are overly cautious and don’t know how to drive.

Similarly, we tend to think people more sensitive to nudity and sexual themes than us are prudish and repressed, and those less so are wild and hedonistic.

We all think we’re in the perfect moderate position in all things.


True, it just different standard shaped by cultures and maybe religion etc… I think the number of postcrossers who have / like nudism theme on their wall aren’t that many. But sometime their addresses are drawn because they’re active members with high number of cards sent

Censoring nudism will give impression that being naked is wrong and harmful. So, I think nothing is wrong with nudism, and at some point of life, everyone will actually learn anatomy lol.

Although nudism still taboo in many place of the world. As long as minors are using the platform with parental guide, it’ll be okay. In this digital era, children are so good with their gadget, they might open certain xxx sites or clicking any harmful content :laughing: more harmful than nudism in postcrossing wall


Thank you, @missmelbourne . You said what I was thinking. We all have different perspectives and shouldn’t present our own as the only acceptable one.


I probably shouldn’t argue this point but Canada is, in fact, part of the Americas. So when you said “we” who are not European, it certainly felt like you were casting a wide net.


Honestly, this sounds a bit smug to me - I’d also say you have different standards. American TV seems to have more problems with simple nudity, but less problems with violence, from which our laws try to protect children and underage teens from…

Why should they? Why is it a problem if a child (who isn’t allowed to use Postcrossing on its own, but only with the guidance of an adult) sees a naked person on somebody’s postcard wall?

I disagree with this point of view. Postcrossing is a European project, so European standards should apply.


I didn’t make a valuation or a judgement which standards are “higher”, I think I just stated the obvious.


Hi :wave: … clarification again … i do not have problems with artistic nudes … it’s graphic sexual acts on postcards that is what i saw it was repulsive
I contacted postcrossing and they never responded to my concern …


I would think you should report it to Postcrossing if someone is displaying pornography.

ETA: the user editted their comment. Initially, they said they contacted the postcrossers.

The way I see it like this.

We know what is allowed on here and we know that somethings might offend us for whatever reason.

If you feel that there are images on here that might offend you then don’t go looking on peoples walls as there is a possibility you may see something you don’t like.

Looking on walls isn’t essential for selecting a card to send, just read the recipients profile and send what you think is appropriate to you and them.

Walls on here are like people’s homes, they can display what they like on their own bit but if you choise to look through their window then that is down to you.


Ehm, have you noticed that they are here and reading this? Because it sounds like you are commenting about someone behind their back, but doing it publically instead, without even addressing them directly. I have never seen such behaviour in 20+ years of using forums.

What if I think it is a lower standard?

Why should anyone mind any type of postcard? (besides the won’t anybody think of the children which Americans are mocked about…)

I cannot look at insects. It disturbs me. If I see an insect on someone’s wall I jump and close the computer/throw my phone (true story). I am very annoyed when people use stamps depicting insects. Should I report them or forbid them to do it? Or just look the other way since it is my problem?


I wonder if you were born dressed?


That posting is not ethnocentric, for nearly all Northamericans hav their ethnic roots outside America and most of them in Europe. The problem is more religious extremism. And regarding prudity as a higher level of development is really adventurous!


Ethnocentric: evaluating other peoples and cultures according to the standards of one’s own culture

The term ethnocentric isn’t about your ethnic roots, although they can certainly influence a culture. Ethnocentrism is about the culture you currently live in, which is the primary informer of your perspectives. Yes, you are right go say that religious extremism/conservatism has a large influence on American culture. However, the term still very much applies to this situation, in my opinion. What other prejudicial term do you think applies to these horrible comments?


I don’t see any problem with erotic postcards. For me, nudity is a completely natural, kind of art. I also have several of them on my favorite wall because I think nudity is a beautiful art. I have lots of nude/erotic postcards but I only send them to those who specifically request.