Do you make postcards by yourself?

Hi guys!

Do you make your postcards?

Since today, I was always buying postcards and sending them but now I am thinking about starting to make my postcards.

I am curious about :
-What type of colors and techniques do you use ?(I am thinking about combination of watercolor and black pen, something like sketches)

-How about transport? Do they get damaged?

-Is there any material (foil or tape or something) I can put over my drawing so I can be sure it’s well protected or do you think it’s unnecessary?

-How would you feel if you received a postcard like this (hand made by an amateur :grin: )

I am not a pro in art and this is just idea (yet), so I would like to hear your opinion. Also, I am sorry on long post.

Best wishes from me and Happy holidays! :sparkles:

p.s. I attached a photo so you can see what I mean (I didn’t draw this, it’s just an idea from Pinterest).


Personally I love (thoughtful made) handmade cards.

Maybe you want to show your card(s) here, too: Show us your handmade postcards and Mail Art

In my experience drawn cards get as much or less damaged as normal bought cards.

Yes, but mostly it’s not really necessary as long as you don’t add loose stuff.

I would honour it :wink:


I agree with what @Cassiopheia said.

If you are sending it as an official, make sure the profile states they like handmade cards.

In this forum there are lots of places you can send handmade cards:


Hi, yes I often use old postage stamps and make postcards, I’ve also painted one or two… :slight_smile:


No I do not. Don’t like receiving them either.

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I don’t know if you can call them selfmade but i print my digital art and send them away as postcards. :slight_smile:


I would love to receive a hand-made postcard. I asked at my post office and apparently any piece of paper of the right size can travel as a postcard if there are stamps on it. Since then I have the strongest temptation to send a piece of white cardboard to somebody with printed words "Hi! I am just a piece of paper pretending to be a real postcard.":blush: I’m sure there is someone out there who will be amused by it.


a bit off topic, but when I was active in the Unitarian Universalist church, one of our fundraisers was to sell blank bumper stickers. We had an array of permanent markers at the booth and people could write their own inspirational (or not!) message on it. Or, they could just paste the blank bumper sticker on their car.

Somewhere there may be a person driving around with a blank bumper sticker on their car, just waiting to get your blank postcard!


Do people consider a card I took the picture myself and printed as postcard, as handmade?


If you print it at home: yes.

If you have it professionally printed: maybe yes, maybe not :wink:


I like them and I make them. I work with wood or I paint or doing collage art or felting. Also sometimes simple cards. :slight_smile: So just go for it. Have you checked out the Tags directory you can also find there tags under Handmade.
With official postcards, I would check out, if the work is worthy :wink:


I do not. The only exception- I have read, some people want the cards, made of the food packaging. So I keep some for the occasion if I got those addresses.

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This is my first post on the forum…Signed in yesterday and was not aware of the forum. Today I have send my first homemade card and handmade envelope. I have to wait and see how it will be received as I had no idea. I am not really a “copycat” but would love to see some of the cards but can not yet find my way around the forum…:small_blue_diamond::black_small_square::small_blue_diamond:

There are some sights at my town, but none postcards with it. So I’ve ask for profrssinal photos and print cards at the printing house…
Is it handmade or what? (it also have lined back side)


I would… But rather as self-made, maybe. I would like to receive such postcards. Why not? Good photography is an art, too.


I love handmade cards. I live painting mine with acrylic paint. A lot of people don’t like handmade cards (in my experience most people say, “no handmade”) so I always offer mine for direct swap. I always put them in envelopes too. I just can’t bear the idea of my hard work going to waste. I’m not professional but I still try my hardest! Here’s a photo of one

(Thank you everyone who liked it that’s so sweet of you)


I really like that card! Nice work

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That’s a cutie!
Have you painted Jersey cows?

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No maybe I’ll try it.

I have one postcard with photos I took myself and which I had printed but I have sent it out only once to someone who said in their profile that they like self-made things. And she gave it a like. So that was great.
Sorry, I’m new here,so I don’t know where to answer @birdsatemylunch’s question directly. I hope you can see it.