Do you make postcards by yourself?

I am a person who enjoys making my own postcards. It takes time, money too for embellishments. It makes me feel GREAT! I found a place here to send them too! I hope when you get one of mine you like it if not really like it. Please don’t throw it away! Like 1 person said I. Here No. They don’t want one! Yikes!


Dear all, a question: If you make cards yourself, with a collage - do you laminate these cards? So only the front. It serves to protect the work of art created with a lot of love and passion. Or is it frowned upon to do something like that? We’re new here and already have ideas on how we could design our postcards. But we are afraid, that our work will be destoyed on the trip, And we look forward to every tip, every suggestion.

@gRapEsAndLemons I’ve never thrown away a postcard, but somehow I’ll have to begin some cleaning out because they really begin you use space… But I wouldn’t throw away an unique artwork created especially for me. :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


@max_charly I’ve once recieved a collage card made by used stamps. It had a protective cover over the stamps, looking like a varnish, not like foil.

I’ve also recieved cards which were put in tight fitting plastic pouches (from Asian countries during the rain season) - I guess they were posted at a post office with hand cancellation, so the stamped card could be put inside the protective cover before beginning its travel.

Isn’t there a topic about handmade cards on the forum? Perhaps you could ask there again. :wink:

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We have a very lively thread about creative projects in the German language community:

Alles rund ums Basteln und Kreativ sein

It has a lot of resources and even tutorials, and of course you can ask questions any time!


Very cute :slight_smile:

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Wow, so many mail artists! That makes me really happy. I love self-made cards! Is there a special corner/list in this new forum to sign up for a swap of self-made ones only?

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I make:
painted cards, collage cards and drawn cards

Elo all,
Happy New Year!!

Please teach me how you make your own postcards.
Those who print, which software do you use?

I want to make mine too.

I think handmade are awesome. So much more time and effort has gone into it.
I love making my own.
And it’s a bit boring just buy one.


I usually use a photo I took by myself. When I send to somebody who states “no handmade” or “no photo” I send something else buying somewhere.
Meanwhile as I let printing company the photo postcard printed, I have excess cards. (Printing company only allows to print over 30 cards or it costs too much) So I’m planning to sell the cards somewhere. Does somebody have any ideas? I can imagine only ebays or etsy. With Yahoo! auction or Mercari you can sell only in Japan.


Hi, shpock, kleiderkreisel, momox
Have a good day

I’ve never done nor sent homemade cards. I have had ordered cards to be printed. I don’t consider printed cards homemade because technically you paid for them and a printing service such as vistaprint or gotprint made them with the same way that your store bought cards are made.


Interesting definition. To me a card still counts as “handmade” if the intellectual property rights on the card are my own. If I took a photo and use it as a card it is handmade to me and it is irrelevant if my old printer at home or a shiny one at a printing service was used. I honour other peoples printed cards in the same spirit. (In my postcard collection all homemade cards are stored separately.) I am aware that this is not the common interpretation of “handmade”, just wanted to put my thoughts on this subject out there. :face_with_peeking_eye:


I occasionally use one of my drawings on a postcard. I also have quite a few store bought cards from around my state. I love to see what other amateur artist are doing. I like all types of cards from folks.


Yes I make postcards myself such as this one but I also buy many postcards and send them out. It really depends on what the post-crosser prefers.


I will avoid sending my Zazzle cards to someone adamant about “No handmade cards!” fearing they meant purchased-only. As I mentioned elsewhere, they’re great for using the message space to write a description/explanation instead of something more mundane.

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I make Zentangles on post cards and send those out.


Here’ a couple of my handmade postcards, I’ve been looking through some of the pics here & would be happy to receive any of them.