Designing Postcrossing Meeting Cards

I have received some WONDERFUL postcards from Postcrossing Meetings around the world, and I’m wondering how these are created? Is there an official source for designed cards? Are folks drawing and designing the cards themselves?


When I created a meetup card, I took photos myself and then created the postcard by using the tool that Vistaprint offers. Obviously I had to order it from Vistaprint to get it then.

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It’s really different… I received some where I know they were hand-drawn (text was added to the scan on the pc later), I have some that uses license-free pictures from the internet and I have some with own photos.

I haven’t created my own meet-up card yet (but I’m currently working on one… for a meetup next summer). I use professional software for it (Adobe Photoshop and Affinity Publisher).

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There are free online design tools you can use, like They’re easy to use. The free functions are limited, but good enough for most postcards.