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I just saw some very beautiful meetup cards. they’re really beautiful. I just wonder where and how to get them? Is there a website to sell them?

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Usually you get meetup cards at meetups. You can check the Meetup Forum to see if there’s one happening near you or if you can attend a virtual one and arrange for meetup cards to be sent to you. The trading and swap forum also has people offering meetup cards.

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These cards are made by the people who attend the meetups.
You can ask someone to swap them with you.
For example, sometimes people ask in the forum thread when the meeting is organised: https://community.postcrossing.com/c/meetups/10 - you can look for someone who is attending and you can offer a card in return. You can also attend a meetup if near you, of course! Please note that right now, in many countries there are no meetups happening because of the pandemic. But there are some online meetups!

Also, you can post a topic asking for swaps with those cards.

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You can also see what people are offering in the postcrossing meet up RR, or if you get to attend a meet up and have cards left, there’s a tag.

We just had a meetup in Melbourne, if you’d like a card, message me your address!

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Topics discussing meetup cards as well as swap offers and requests can also be found in the DIRECTORY Handmade Cards & Mail Art. I added this topic, too :slight_smile:

Meet-up Cards for Swap
New year meet up card
Offer: Meetup Card from last World Postcard Day
**OFFER: PT 2020 official meeting cards**

There are groups for swapping meetup cards in several Round Robins, too. And sometimes, people are just asking to swap a meeting card for another meeting card. So I guess the easiest way would be to attend some meetups of your own. Here’s a topic discussing how to make these cards: Designing Postcrossing Meeting Cards
And How to make a postcard with “postcrossing” logo?


Hello, friends.
I have been active in the Postcrossing community for nearly 3 years, but am a newbie in the forum.

I have a question for more experienced members.

Is a specially-designed postcard a “must-have” for a Postcrossing meet-up? If there are no meetup cards, would attendees get disappointed?

I am thinking about organizing a meetup in the near future. This is because I would like to meet Postcrossing friends in person and chat with them, but meetups are rarely held here in Japan.

This question might be inappropriate for this forum, but I have no idea who to ask.

Thank you for your time reading my question and answers in advance.


I don’t think it is strictly necessary. People could bring any postcard to write and sign together. Or just meet for the pleasure to meet. A lot of people love those meetup cards so maybe some will be disappointed, but a lot of people also won’t be. Or some will be happy either way.

This is my opinion, I don’t know if there is an official line (eg you can meet but not list it on the website). I’d totally go just for the fun to meet.


I have never been to a meetup without any specific card designs. But I have been to meetups where the organising person said that he / she won’t make any… and some of the participants did it instead. I would suggest to mention it in the announcement, either that it is a meetup with no meetup cards (or card signing in general) or that you won’t create one but the other participants are free to do so :slight_smile:


There is a guideline in regard to meet_ups discussed at the moment here in the forum: Meetups Guidelines: feedback welcome!

Personally, I would discuss it with the guests of the meetup. Maybe one of the attendees is in the mood for designing a card (it’s no rocket science; but as the team would say: beware of the logo usage guidelines).
But I also think it’s okay if there is no special card. (In fact, not all recipients like meeting_cards, but that’s a different discussion, as in the end it’s the sender who decides).

Anyway, good luck with your meeting - it (usually) is lots of fun. You can find potential guests from your region on the main site - Log in

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The first meetups I attended (about 10 years ago) had no specifically designed meetup cards. They became a thing when printing prices dropped, making it more affordable to print your own designs.

What I remember from those early days are meetup stickers with date, place and maybe some kind of logo that someone volunteered to print on small address labels. Cards were still signed by everyone, but selected for the recipients. That might be another option you could incorporate.


hello, kon nichi wa.

i think we can also sign on the non-specifically-designed meetup cards like typical viewcards from your area that are store-bought. i think any cards can be postcrossing meetup cards with or without the postcrossing logo when they are signed by the meetup participants.

personally, i also would like to hold meetups in my area of Japan but the cards i will prepare for the participants to sign on then are going to be typical store-bought viewcards from my area without a postcrossing logo. or my selfprinted viewcards of this very rare postbox in my city without the postcrossing logo, like this one:


Specially-designed meetup postcard are often appreciated, but not a must have. Especially if you are going to meet in a place with nice viewcards, or maybe some special landmark, you can simply buy some cards in a shop and sign and send those :slight_smile:

Thank you all for taking the time to answer my question.
All the replies are so resourceful that I have become to host the meet-up in person all the more.

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Thank you so much.

is really what I was looking for, while I had already found “postcrossing-logo-kit”.

As I am not sure even where to look…Are there postcards with POSTCROSSING ON THEM…
or can we add them to our PC’s with the logo…

I noted a Russian member had a hogarts image with POSTCROSSING on it…

please direct me, correct me or share your bounty of knowledge


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Guidelines for logo usage are here: Logo Usage Guidelines

Most postcards I have seen that use the logo are meetup cards.


@sannah82 thanks my sweet lady…and where does one obtain those?

Meetup cards? At most meetups!

How far are you willing to drive? One will be in Ingersoll, ON mid July, another one in Niagara Falls, ON on October 1. How do I know? I checked here: Canada - Postcrossing Community

@sannah82 thank you so it sounds like they are only available @ meet ups. Correct?. Niagara will be closer. Appreciate your note. Cheerio.,

Some organizers would mail them out to non-attendees if they have spares, but usually it goes with the meetup.