✅ Damaged threads?

This is the second time I have come across what I call a “damaged thread”. When you go to the topic to read the latest post, it doesn’t show at all and you can’t scroll backwards. You can jump to the first post and scroll down and then you notice a few of the last posts repeated there twice or three times, but none of the posts written after the repetition. Those posts do exist, they can be found in the latest posts of each username. So one can reply to these topics, one can’t just read the replies the normal way. I have checked it with both smartphone (Samsung Internet and Chrome) and laptop (Firefox). The topic affected is:
Bazanovasa’s post can’t be read, there are 3 posts that repeat 3 times in the end of the topic.
It can be a temporary error. The first topic I saw having a similar problem looks all normal now.


Same here.
Actually, the thread won’t open for me at all on my (older) iPhone.
@JetteLise, how about you?

Adding screenshot:

same here on a desktop pc with Edge and Chrome

Won’t open for me on an iPhone 11 on safari. Could the topic have been deleted?

no, it’s still there.

Well, I can still delete the topic if I want to, which I don’t, so I guess it hasn’t been deleted.

See screenshot:

Edit to add:

And it seems I can reply, but of course it doesn’t show up.

I have the same problem :persevere:, my phone is Huawei P30.

Huawei P30 Pro here as well. Same problem.

Xiaomi Mi 10 T lite + Chrome too (though I think it’s not important, I think it affects each and every device)

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I’ve noticed the same!

When you enter the topic and try to navigate with the scroll bar you can actually read posts, but they keep repeating forever.

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@nekelin, I can see the tag.


I can scroll till here, 25 /10/2021


Then the page will remain blank

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Same here :
Laptop - Windows 10 - Firefox 93,0 (64 bit) and Chrome Version 94.0.4606.81 (Offizieller Build) (64-Bit)
Smartphone Android 11

I have informed @paulo regarding this tag and the problem.

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The issue seems to happen when some html is used on a post and it is unbalanced (eg, unclosed tag) — that doesn’t play well with our hack to support usernames with underscores (which Discourse doesn’t support natively) and a fix is very non-trivial.

For now I have managed to fix the problem with the post by removing broken html from it. Have made a note to look into this at some point as it’s a fairly rare occurrence.

Tip: one way to go around this is to use Discourse’s safe mode which makes the topic open, but to fix it it requires that the problematic post to be edited.


It seems that it has now happened here, too:


The community (and the OP) thought that this post caused the problem:

I edited it, so the maybe problematic code isn’t displayed any more. Now the topic is working fine again.
Is the problem solved that way, or will it pop up again unless that post is being removed from the system?

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Sorry for the delay on replying here.

Once fixed, it shouldn’t return again. No need to move the post away: if the post is edited (ie, and problematic bit removed), that’s enough for the whole topic to work again. It is the rendering of that particular post that halts the topic from working properly.