[BITE] British Isles Traveling Envelope

[BITE] British Isles Travelling Envelope

The British Isles Travelling Envelope [BITE] is an envelope round robin for Postcrossers from the United Kingdom and Ireland, including the Isle of Man and the Channel Isles.

Gratitude to Fisherman Lucy156 and Fjara for their previous dedications to this RR!

Please U2U your address to Coffeedoff for your first time joining or if you move home. Thank you!

How it works:
~ Each group has a host and 4 participants.
~ The BITE host will create an envelope which contains 10 new unused postcards relating to the group theme. No ad, free, handmade, damaged, discoloured or used postcards. Cards should be from the British Isles i.e. England, Ireland, Scotland, Wales, Channel Isles or the Isle of Man - unless stated any country or category mixup. Hosts are welcome to make their preference on this. If you notice postcards in the envelopes at any time that don’t fit to these standards, please report it to me (coffeedoff).
~ The host will put a large sized sticky note on the backs of the 10 postcards with their username and brief description of the postcard.
~ When a group becomes full, the participants’ addresses will be messaged to the host which should be printed out and included in the envelope. The host should send the travelling envelope within 7 days of the U2U, circumstances allowing of course.
~ Each participant can take as many cards as they like from the envelope and must be replacing them with the same number of cards, so that there are always 10 cards in the envelope. Participants should ensure that they update the sticky note appropriately with their usernames and replacement card descriptions.
~ Participants will ensure to send on the BITE to the next participant within 7 days of receiving it.
~ Please check that the correct postage is attached to the envelope prior to posting onwards to avoid delays and/or charges. You can check online at Post Office Price Finder. Applying return addresses is always handy too!
~ Hosts and participants: please ensure that you post a message on the thread when you send / receive a BITE. This is so we can keep track of where the cards are. ^^
~ If a BITE is not received within one calendar month of sending onwards, the responsibility for replacement (as is possible to the theme) would lie with the person the envelope was last known to be with. Appreciate your understanding.
Thank you for your interests and partaking in the BITE! Any queries will happily be answered.

Bite 013 Any nice card added 1.5.22

  1. AllSerene added 28.5.22
  2. Florallle added 5.6.22
  3. claireandivy added 20.6.22

Travelling Envelopes

Bite 007 Not my country (listed 31.1.22) Any nice card from a county that you do not live in

Flight sheet sent 9.6.22

  1. claireandivy sent 20.6.22
  2. LondonGopher sent 24.6.22
  3. Maddymail sent 25.6.22
  4. Coffeedoff
  5. april03

Bite 010 Category Mixup (listed 15.3.22.) swap a card for the same category. flower for flower, animal for animal.

Flight sheet sent 23.6.22

  1. april03 sent 25.6.22
  2. AllSerene
  3. Florallle
  4. chrisbonham11
  5. Coffeedoff

Bite 012 Any nice view card added 7.4.22

  1. Coffeedoff sent 24.6.22
  2. claireandivy
  3. april03
  4. AllSerene
  5. Florallle

Completed Envelopes

Bite 001 Non view cards april03 Coffeedoff , AllSerene, Maddymail , claireandivy

Bite 002 Any nice cards Coffeedoff, eugeniarussell, AllSerene, chrisbonham11, april03

Bite 003 Any nice view card claireandivy, Coffeedoff, brighteyes, AllSerene, LondonGopher

Bite 004 Category Mixup Coffeedoff, fisherman, AllSerene, EdinburghLady, claireandivy

Bite 005 Category Mixup Coffeedoff, Allserene, claireandivy, chrisbonham11, april03

Bite 006 Flowers and plants (listed 31.1.22)

  1. chrisbonham11 sent 10.4.22 arrived home 10.5.22
  2. Coffeedoff sent 14.4.22
  3. Florallle 1st envelope sent 20.4.22 2nd envelope sent 23.4.22
  4. april03 sent 5.6.22
  5. eugeniarussell sent 7.5.22

Bite 008 Any Nice Card Coffeedoff, eugeniarussell, LondonGopher, claireandivy, AllSerene, april03

Bite 009 Any Nice Card april03, Florallle, eugeniarussell, chrisbonham11, Coffeedoff

Bite 011 Any nice card added 7.4.22

  1. Coffeedoff sent 4.5.22 arrived home 18.5.22
  2. eugeniarussell sent 6.5.22
  3. claireandivy sent 10.5.22
  4. april03 sent 13.5.22
  5. AllSerene sent 16.5.22

Hi, can I ask what the category mixup is?

Category mix up is an envelope of 10 cards each one from a different topic. Such as bird, animal view fantasy. If you choose a bird card it must be replaced by another bird and a view card must be replaced by another view card.
It is the first time its been tried in British Isles RR but is very Successful in EQTE
Hope that helps :slight_smile:

Hi Dorothy Good to see you here. May I join number 4 and host number 1 please. Kind Regards Brian

I can host number 3. I’ll send you my new address, if I can work out how!


I managed to write a message but cant remember how. Finding this all a struggle but going to persevere

As it took so long to fill a group on the old forum I thought I’d add date of joining :thinking: hope it won’t be so long on this site :grin:

I’ve just found the emojis :laughing:

Please may I join groups 1 and 4. I’ll send you a message with my address, assuming I can work out how to do so!

I think I’ve just sent you a message with my address details - have you received it OK? Having found a page for messages, I can’t see any outgoing ones there!

If it’s worked OK, I clicked on your name and then on messages, and filled in the message box. I’ve also found that, if I click on my avatar and then on the envelope icon, I can get to a messages page which includes an option to send a message.

Yes I received your message :grinning:

updated :+1:

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Hi, can I join group 3 please. Just sent you a message. :slightly_smiling_face:


Hi I am new. Can I join category 004 mix up cards please?


All updated

Welcome brighteyes and EdinburghLady

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Can I join group 004 please :slight_smile:

group 004 is on it’s way.

I changed it from 10 cards to 12 cards as postage allowed. Hope that is ok with everyone

BITE 004 arrived with lovely cards - I am amazed Dorothy that you had to put a customs form CN22 on the envelope must be the result of Brexit :crazy_face: I wonder do I have to put one on before it goes back to UK :puzzled:

Post office said we have to put it on all countries. So I got a stash :rofl: