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Yeah lol I’m in a RR

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Posting you a card the British tag

I work in retail in Edinburgh and can confirm most of our 50ps now coming in are the design above. The one with 4 shields on the reverse was a quick fix the royal mint did after the queens death and is not the permanent design. There is also a ‘coronation’ design with Westminster Abbey on the tails, I think it’s beautifully made and I’ve had quite a few of them.

The whole set of coins has now been redesigned and will be issued in a few weeks. I honestly think they are beautiful and as a nature lover truly adore the new designs.


I’m not particularly a coin person and rarely have cash on me these days, but the new ones really are stunning and I’m quite looking forward to using them!


I thought this was super cute! Aylesbury town centre :love_letter:


I don’t usually do this but I thought I’d just pop on here and see if anyone on the forum who doesn’t usually join in the British Isles Travelling Envelope would be interested in our Secret Santa BITE.

It’s a little bit different to the regular BITES which run as a chain mail for card swaps. The Secret Santa BITE is a gifting group where you are given one address on 1st December and then send 10 nice quality, unwritten cards to that person based on their profile likes and dislikes.

Someone else will have received your address and will do the same for you.

If anyone is interested then sign up closes on 1st December [BITE] British Isles Traveling Envelope - #2 by Natea

And of course if any of the other BITES sound interesting then please feel free to sign up! We’d never say no to new people joining in.


Be warned though, BITEs are rather addictive!!


Woohoo, just a little celebration post as my 500th card has just been received this morning :smile_cat: :tada:


That’s amazing, congratulations! :partying_face: x


I spotted a new postbox topper in the village yesterday


Happy Cake Day, Steve!

Wishing you many happy returns of the day :partying_face::tada:


Thank you! I’m finishing my year of being 56 with a decent bottle of red wine and a selection of cheeses, and intend to start being 57 with a brunch that will involve bacon and beer. What’s not to like?


Sounds perfect, hope you have a great day, enjoy the brunch! :partying_face:


I think I’ve sent around 20 Christmas cards this year.


I’ll make up for you! I send 80 to 100 a year


Meanwhile I’ve only sent 10 Christmas postcards from the Secret Santa RR…

To be clear, I did write more than 10 - 6 were hand delivered today and about 8 or so hand delivered 3 weeks earlier

Singpost used to do festive postal rates, where posting a greeting card would be 90 cents instead of the usual $1.50 - unfortunately they have stopped doing it :frowning:
Maybe it’s in line with the 64.5% increase in postage earlier this year - need to earn more to combat rising costs, hence no more festive postal rates

Also there’s gonna be a price increase next year as well…

Still, our postage remains relatively affordable so I can’t complain


“The significance of letters increases with each stage of the process. The writing, the sending. If you send a letter by post, there are a few days when it exists, but it doesn’t (Schrödinger’s postcard). It’s not there, but you know it’s been sent. It hangs around in your mind, both a fact and an imagining.”


This morning’s (17/12/2023) Broadcasting House on BBC Radio 4 had some interesting results from an experiment conducted by the programme to see how long four postcards sent first class from Broadcasting House, London, would take to travel to points in England, Northern Ireland, Scotland, and Wales. The segment starts 40 minutes into the programme: Broadcasting House - 17/12/2023 - BBC Sounds.


I just wanted to wish everyone who celebrates a Very Merry Christmas & send virtual hugs to anyone who finds this time of year hard.

Thank you all for being so welcoming since I joined in August, for all your advice & for the wonderfully thoughtful postcards (and stamps) you’ve all sent me

Very best wishes for 2024!
EmmaG x

*illustration by Crispin Finn


That’s a lovely message Emma, and I echo your Merry Christmas wishes and your sentiment towards those who find it a difficult time of year :kissing_heart: