[Chat] Pull up a stump and set a spell, pop by for a cuppa and natter

Happy Friday! Nice sunny day out there, and the postbox gleamed in the light.

What are your plans for the weekend?

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Apart from ‘staying at home’, you mean :wink:? We have beautiful sunshine in Reading, so I’ll probably potter around in the garden for a bit and mow the lawn. … and write a postcard or two, I have just tagged someone in an offer tag

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Zoom coffee morning and then housework and hobbies - especially postcards :grin:

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Sweep, up leaves, write postcards, have coffee, has postman arrived?, look in the mailbox, register cards, have a walk, go to the postbox, decide yes or no to go to supermarket.


Monday! Free again. Not that I really want to go anywhere. I will however wander into town later to post a letter.

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Wet and windy Wednesday. Waah.

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Friday: Going food shopping for elderly parents. I have a long list!
Saturday: Work…I’m a librarian and we instigated ‘select and collect’ after the first lockdown whereby people ordered books online and we handed them out at the door. The government said we can carry on doing this, hurray!
Sunday: Going for a walk. All official Ramblers groups are cancelled, but I can still go out on my own!
What are your plans for the weekend? :grinning:


Today, I “cried” as postie didn’t visit bringing me my Live Long and Prosper stamps, and town post office had sold out of the miniature sheet. No post :frowning:

Tonight, might watch the Atlas launch and Sunday after midnight, the SpaceX launch.

Gatecrash a virtual meet on zoom with some Postcrossers Saturday night perhaps.

Still “crying” as the postie hasn’t visited (still waiting for my stamps), but perhaps he has a day off and no one is covering his round.

Mine didn’t visit today either. Perhaps it’s posties day off :upside_down_face:

Saturday deliveries were stopped by royal mail a couple of months ago. It is meant to be temporary (thanks, Covid!), we had it as well this May/June.

Had a bumper delivery of nice letters last Saturday. I just think my postie was off and his round didn’t have cover.

:frowning: I think my postie is off and has no cover for his round. Still no post, and no stamps. I had the email from RM on Thursday saying the stamps were on their way.

Hi all :slightly_smiling_face:

Just a question to anyone who may know: has anyone heard of any care & residential homes in the UK or Ireland making appeals for written Christmas cards for their isolated residents? I thought there might be more requests along those lines this year.

If you’ve heard of such, please let everyone know here, because I’m sure quite a few of us would like to join in an initiative like that. :postbox: It doesn’t bear thinking about, how isolated many people must be, but we could at least send some sincere good wishes.

Thanks in advance!

I thought I saw something on twitter, a link to a directory of sorts, but I can’t find the link.

Still no joy searching for it, but did find something from a fire brigade - https://www.mawwfire.gov.uk/eng/service-news/posts/2020/november/share-the-love/

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Thank you for that @FairyFoot :pray:

The Irish Post Office is offering free postage to those wishing to send cards and letters to Nursing Homes see here

Another valuable initiative is the free delivery of newspapers to the elderly


**** Sad news, we’ve lost another UK-based postcrosser to cancer.

That’s awfully sad to learn @FairyFoot

From what I read, she had been unwell for a while. Even her postcrossing profile mentions it… She made England her home (although she’s from Finland).