[BITE] British Isles Traveling Envelope

BITE 004 is on its way to Serena I put a CN22 form on just in case :grinning:

BITE 004 arrived here today and should be on its way to Vicky on Thursday (when I should have someone here to post it for me). I’d completely forgotten about this, so it came as a lovely surprise!

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updated :+1:

Hello I received my very first bite envelope today from Serena and it’s such nice mail to get! I love it! Have picked my postcards and will replace them with some nice ones too and send off asap. Such a fab group :nerd_face::black_flag:󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿

I got it today Serena thank you :laughing: I forgot too so it was a really fab surprise!! Happy postcrossing
Vicky x

updated :+1:

anyone else want to join a group

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My envelope is ready to send to Claire tomorrow 25.1.21. As am a newbie I am still building up my postcard collection so I have included a few nice animal cards instead of specifics like food etc. Hope that is ok. There is a complete set in the envelope. Am ordering new ones online for swaps and cant wait to go postcard shopping once it’s all safe again :grinning:

Thanks EL Vicky

@EdinburghLady We will let you get away with it as you are a newbie :grin: Hope you enjoyed the envelope and want to join others.

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Hi Dorothy

I have just had my BITE envelop returned. I had sent it to Claire Richards, 74 Glenwood Close, Coychurch, Bridgend CF35 5EU

It has a Royal Mail red sticker on it saying the addresses has gone away? Do you know how this happened?

Will everyone now think that I am not returning mail? am worried :frowning:

Please advise, Thanks Vicky

Oh no, sorry, yes that’s my old address. I did message @Coffeedoff / Dorothy in October with my new one but seems it was missed somehow for the BITE sheet. I’ve messaged you my new address.

My RM redirect I arranged when I moved has ended already, but I suppose it’s good to know RM still return mail if it pops up!

Sorry for the mixup. @claireandivy can you let me have your new address again. I must have lost it in the change over to the new forum I have looked but dont have another address.

Maybe it is time for me to check everyones address and make sure I have the correct one.

@EdinburghLady dont worry, everyone will probably realise that life happens. Anyway I am to blame as I lost the new address. Please can you resend to new address

I can only apologize again


@claireandivy @Coffeedoff Thank you ladies, no harm done and I was able to upscale my selection of cards too now. The envelope is ready to post out tomorrow :love_letter::grinning::+1:t3:
Thank you :tulip:

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Please add me to BITE005 :smiley:


Thank you @EdinburghLady, BITE 004 has arrived safely this morning (by badger mail it seems!) :smiley:

I will post here again when I have mailed it home.

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Brilliant news that wee badger boy made it through the snow and ice ok :snowflake::grin::sunny:

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updated :+1:

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004 arrived home with some nice cards.

Anyone want to join another envelope?

Can I join 005 please?

I would like to join the mix up group 005 please - but am not sure if am allowed if that first group envelope hasnt come back to you yet? I do like the bite concept