[BITE] British Isles Traveling Envelope

updated :+1:

Come on everybody we need another 2 people for group 005 please…category mixup :tulip::sunny::smiley: roll up roll up…

Can I join group 5 (mix up) and group 1 (non view) please
If there is a struggle to find 5 people (it is nearly a year since last post) might 4 people be enough to start a BITE on its way?
Best wishes

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Hi Coffeedoff. Could I please join Bite 002 Any nice cards (listed 24.10.20)

Many thanks.

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Welcome @eugeniarussell I have put you on the list

@april03 I have contacted the other members of the groups to see if they are still interested, when I hear from them I will start the groups travelling

Thank you.

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It’s good to see this coming back to life! Please can you add me to groups 2 and 3.

About time I got involved! May I join Bite 002 Any nice cards please, @Coffeedoff ?

@Coffeedoff `

Please may I join Group 003 (Viewcards)?

Thank you. :wave:


We have had some drop outs but will send with 4 people to get this going again. waiting on a couple of confirmations 002 and 003 almost ready to go.

Will answer messages tomorrow

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Hi again, I’d love to join BITE#2 as well please :slight_smile:

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BITE 003 flight plan sent

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Posting 002 today. @eugeniarussell

Sending round extra cards for anyone that wants them, take what you want and pass the rest on. No extra postage cost :smiley:


Thank you. The usual traveling envelope number is 10? Have a great day.

BITE 003 is on its way to @Coffeedoff today :mailbox:

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003 arrived

003 went on its way to @brighteyes this morning

Dear @Coffeedoff
Your lovely envelope with Bite 002 Any nice cards has arrived today and I am posting it on. It should reach @AllSerene next. Thank you very much. Have a wonderful day!