World Postcard Day design contest!

Please help us spread the word about the World Postcard Day postcard design contest to your creative friends and family! Maybe post on your (or theirs) social media page, or even on your local university’s page, if you can.

The deadline for submissions is on July 15, so there’s still time to create some neat designs for this year’s postcard, which will be printed and sent all over the world. :tada: 2022’s theme is “World Peace” and we look forward to seeing all the interpretations of the topic.

Here’s the link where everything is explained, and where they can upload their submissions for the contest:

There’s some cool prizes for the best ones, and of course, the honor of having that design be the one to represent the World Postcard Day this year! :slight_smile:


I just took part in the contest and will write to my library if they’d like to do something cool for WPCD :smiley:


they answered :smiley:
their foundation wanted to do a postcard contest soon, too, so they were curious why I wrote them about the World Postcard Day 2022 :smiley:
We’ll see what will happen next haha


I forwarded the contest link to my creative friends and hope they’ll be inspired! :blush:

Btw, it’s a great theme.


Just a few days to go! Check out the amazing line-up of judges we have for this contest:

It’s going to be a tough job, but I’m confident we’ll can do this. :muscle:

There’s still time to submit your designs until July 15!


I tried five or six times today to upload my design to Postcard Design Contest for the World Postcard Day, but every single time I get an error 520 and the website times out. Maybe because today is the last day before the deadline and everyone is busy uploading? It’s very frustrating.

I hope the Postcrossing admins will have a look and see what can be done!

I’m sorry to hear that. :frowning: I’ve added Paulo to your private message and we’ll try to sort this out quickly.

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Because dates can be confusing, I should clarify that the deadline for submissions is the end of July 15th, UTC time. So there’s still a full day to submit your designs.

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We sorted it out, I was trying to upload a file that was far too large :sweat_smile:

For anyone else who might run into this upload problem, try to keep the image file under 25 Mb and you’ll have no trouble.


Can’t wait to see the Winning Design for the Year 2022.
All the Best to all those who participated.


The website mentions 15th August…I can’t wait to see the winning design too! :partying_face:


I’m so nervous, I’m waiting for our results! :crossed_fingers:t3::crossed_fingers:t3: Good luck everyone!

The winners have already been announced!


Ahah, you people are too fast! :sweat_smile:

Here’s the announcement on the blog:


Beautiful winning postcard indeed.

Does anyone know if the #2 winner is also a postcrosser and if yes, what their username is? I want to send them a congratulatory note, it’s a beautiful design.

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Hi! It’s me :sunny: Glad you liked the design!


Thanks for responding! The winner postcard is lovely. I also wanted to acknowledge that your postcard is very special as well, congratulations on coming up with such a nice and meaningful image! Is there any chance you will be printing the image so that we can get postcards of it? It’s so great, I’d love to have that option.

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Sorry @TurtleFan — we only make the design of the winner postcard available, since that is the postcard that represents the World Postcard Day. I hope you understand!

And here are the files! :slight_smile:

The postcards look lovely when printed!