World Postcard Day 2022 : Design Competition Ends July 15, 2022

Has anyone found world postcard day cards for 2022 yet? I’ve seen some for 2021…. It will be here before we know it

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You know that Postcrossing holds a design contest every year with an outside panel that chooses the official card right?

The contest doesn’t usually open until early June. And the winner was announced in mid August last year to give people lots of time to get the official cards printed up for the Oct 1st mailing.

There are some online vendors who produce cards as well, but they’re not the official card. And remember, any card sent on the official date of Oct 1st counts for the day & gets you your participation badge for 2022.


The contest has started o/

Has anyone participated in the past? ^^


Hello post crossers,

I stumbled across a competition for World Postcard Card Day. I’ve seen many stunning artfully made postcards from you that maybe you’d like to enter the competition for 2022! Here is the link!


I have an idea I’ve been working on to submit. Wish me luck!



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I closed that topic because Ana opened a topic about the WPD 2022 contest

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