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[OPEN] Chain lottery #967: Handmade madness #2
Offer card with drawing+postmark
Offer - handmade postcards made from magazine papers
[OFFER] COVID、Meetup、Buddhism、Special Shapes - Illustration

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Lottery chain - postcard from the meetup in genoa, italy, on 21st may 2022
[OFFER] I made Maxicards

And this proposal was made in the tag discussion topic:

Offer: watercolor postcard made by me for some used Europa series stamps

The directory has become TOO BIG! :smiley:

I had to move the Offers and Requests to the second and third posts. Thank you for your quick help with that! @reisegern


Do people like meetup cards?
New post card designs. Need your help
What type of PostCards interest you more?

Lottery chain 1014 - genoa meetup postcard and surprise postcards
Lottery chain 1015 - genoa meetup postcard and teabags
Lottery: June 18th Harry Potter meetup cards giveaway
Paper crafters’ lottery: Give new life to these old supplies! scissors
Support Ukraine :ukraine: Fabric Postcards

F/23/USA- reader, animal and stationery lover looking for long-term penpals around the world
F/28/Germany - Looking for penpals who share my love for upcycling, nature, cooking, recipes, handcrafting

Offer: Happy Earth Day~

For Swap: Meetup cards of March from China
(Offer) Hong Kong local Snack Meet-up Card
Offering meetup card from Finland
OFFER Lighthouses
[offer] Taurus/Mother’s Day meetup card
Postcrossing Meet-Up cards - Need for a World Postcard Display - October 2022

I also rearranged and shortened some of the former topics and opened three new categories: Feedback Wanted and Techniques

Feedback Wanted

Can you give me some suggestions on my self designed postcards?
New post card designs. Need your help
Please give your thoughts on my homemade cards
Will the joke/pun be understood outside the US
Would anyone be interested in this?


A question about making collages
How to make postcards with perforated borders?
My embroidered papercard (tuto)
Sticker bombing on postcard


Added: Artistamps - how to make them to “techniques” - it’s much easier to find it here. I keep searching for that every now and then, as there are a few users who ask for that.

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Any thread dedicated to discuss coloring cards? To list coloring postcard book available at store? And most importantly to show our coloring by showing photos? :sweat_smile:
Recently I have too many idle times. I have been busy coloring postcard books that I bought 2 years ago :sweat_smile:

There’s only this one in the directory:

Postcards to colour

But it could be that there are more topics that I don’t know about. You could open a new topic as well. :slight_smile:

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Perfect thread.
I am going to take photos of my coloring cards and post them in there :smile:



Have you ever seen puzzles upcycled into cards?
Lottery: May Handmade Blockprint Postcard
[OFFER] Travel Poster Card Sylvenstein Lake
Swap OFFER: watercolor painted postcard SEARCH: Europa series (CEPT) stamps


My Handmade Hedgehog Carved Stamp Card - lottery
(OPEN) Lottery - How many cards have we signed yesterday on the meetup in Tübingen (Germany)?

[OFFER] Handmand cards+hand stamped envelopes+ beautiful stamps
OFFER: Self made postcards with stamps
Open:) Beautiful handmade postcard with special blanking and stamp

For SWAP: Meetup cards of June 2022
[OFFER] Meet-up cards


Looking for Earth+Space, Disney Villains, US State maps, Lantern Press

(For Swap) Postcrossing 17th Anniversary Meet-up Card
[OFFER] Meet-up Cards on Landscape, Illustration, Food and Map
offer The World Ocean Day Maxicard

Offer meeting cat card belgium
(OPEN) Offer: Postcrossing Mexico Meetup. Send from Mexico city


Meetup cards are must-have?

Chinese Painting Of Flowers!(limited time offer)
OFFER: Handmade postcards of brochures from Malay Heritage Centre exhibition WITH MATCHING STICKER
Open fabric postcards in support of Ukraine

For swap: Harry Potter meet-up cards
New sets of Meetup cards (Including LGBT) For Swap

World Postcard Day design contest — help us spread the word!
Lottery calling all crafters
[OFFER] Meet-up Cards: Pride Month, Illustration, Photography, Shaped, Map, Hot Stamping and the Winter Olympics

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Paper Woven Postcards - Show Us

Lottery Chain: Meet-up in Kaunas 4th June 2022 postcard

Cards made by used Japanese stamps
First go at handmade cards

Exchange w me!
[offer] Teddy Bear MeetupCard & Postmarks


Crafts with old Postage stamps
CRICUT postcards
Free World Postcard Day Design for countries
Grand Opening! Art Exhibition of Handmade Postcards!
Who among you believes in DESTINY?

OFFER: Self made postcards with stamps vol 2
Smail art Project

Aug 25 Sacramento Postcrossing Meetup Card Swap
Exchange: May - SHENZHEN CHINA PC Meetup Cards
Meetup card Breda (Netherlands, 17-07-2022) for swap
Meetupcards for swap
Offer:Meet-up cards for swap
Offer:PC meeting cards from Beijing
Offer: UNESCO world heritage site-Liangzhu culture meet up cards
Postcrossing Meet up Cards

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@clubpostcards proposed a new Mail Art Tag. You can help to make it real by voting here.

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Thank you for putting the link to my new tag idea of Mail Art :slight_smile: but I wonder if people generally come here to check it out ? :thinking:

A few seem to do it. Everyone who is interested in handmade and mail art can watch this topic and be informed of all new additions to the directory. I have mentioned this possibility in the first post of this topic and some seem to do it.
There are numbers to indicate how often the link has been used if you scroll up a little in this topic. And those are only the direct clicks. If you open the link in a different window, it is not counted. So, I think the real number is probably a little higher. Of course, just because someone reads the post, maybe even clicks the link to see what it is about, doesn’t necessarily mean that they participate in the end.


A new swap proposition, added to the wiki.

Please remember to tell the :postcrossing: community about your offer here if you open a swap or lottery for handmade cards/items!

People who are active members of #postcard-mail:mailart-handmade-stationery will have a higher chance to see your offer if it’s linked here.
If you like to, you can also add it to the wiki in the first to third post of this topic.
Please post the offers for your handmade items in #trades-requests-offers:postcards or #trades-requests-offers:other-trades. Lotteries go to #games-activities:lotteries. Then please add the optional tag #handmade and/or #mailart to your topic to make it easier for those who are interested in these things to find your offer.

Many of you would like to offer your #handmade cards and other #mailart items for swap in #postcard-mail:mailart-handmade-stationery. The place for swaps is #trades-requests-offers:postcards or #trades-requests-offers:other-trades, though.
In order to make it easier for the #postcard-mail:mailart-handmade-stationery community to find your swap, please remember that here is the topic in here where you can tell the community about your swap - it’s like an advertisement.

If I move your swap topic you posted in #postcard-mail:mailart-handmade-stationery, I might remember to put an information in the directory. But all other moderators won’t, guess. At least I cannot promise.

So the best way to make your swaps visible to those who follow #postcard-mail:mailart-handmade-stationery is to post them in the “correct” place straight away and advertise them here.

If you want to be informed about new posts in this topic in order not to miss any new #handmade or #mailart swaps, you will be informed about new posts by the forum system if you put the topic on “watching” or “tracking” instead of “normal”. You can find these settings at the bottom of each topic.