What stamps do you use on postcards/letters? Show us!

You can show the stamps you use on postcard/letter here.Let us see.Me first.

The stamps I use on this card are: Chinese Animation - Calabash Brothers, Hua Tuo,
100th Anniversary of the Publication of the Chinese Version of The Communist Manifesto

The stamps I use on this card are: Mogao Caves, 7th CISM Military World Games (Wuhan 2019), Peace Bird and Peace Dove 20th Anniversary of Diplomatic Relations Between China and Isreal(China-Isreal Joint issue)

The stamps I use on this card are: Birds of China

The stamps I use on this card are: Olympics Winter Games Beijing 2022 - Ice Sports

The stamps I use on this card are: 70th Anniversary of the Overseas Combat of the Chinese People’s Volunteers for Risisting U.S. Aggression and Aiding Korea, 50th Anniversary of Diplomatic Relations Between China and Ethiopia(China-Ethiopia Joint issue), Ming and Qing Dynasty Furniture - Table


those are some nice stamps @aegisW. I like how you use matching ones :slight_smile:
Here are the stamps on some of the cards I’ve sent recently:

I don’t have so many to chose from, but for people who have indicated that they like stamps, I try to use several different ones and match the theme or the colors.


I use tons of stamps with various themes, I usually choose them and get inspiration from users’ preferences for cards :slight_smile: Some examples above.


@metlodyt Danmark members are really rare here.:rofl: The stamps you choosw looks nice.
Here are somw other stamps I use recently.


@aegisW Oh I love these with cats! :heart: And generally I love Chinese stamps, for me they are one of the most beautiful


@Lavonq Yea.I like the cat stamps too.They are one of my fav.:laughing:

Two official postcrossing cards I prepared yesterday.

This one is for a postcrosser who’s going to get married in coming Dec, the double happiness stamp is especially for her as we used 囍 in wedding time here in China.


This one is for a postcrosser who’s interested in astronomy, card + matched stamp,:slight_smile:

Ps,Chinese stamps are too big!


I like using a variety. These encompass postcards I’ve sent in the past couple years:


Today’s stamps:

Kind of a random assortment, but the 4 lira one is of a train station, and the user likes trains.


I always use commemorative stamps unless the recipient specifically asks for definitives, or for flowers (our current definitive series shows flowers). If I have a stamp that fits one of the recioient’s wishes, I use that, otherwise I use one of these two se-tenant pairs from these two minisheets:
Garden Realm Dessau-Wörlitz (UNESCO World Heritage site)
Rothenburg ob der Tauber
International postage is 0,95 Euro (95 cents), so I need to add a 5-cent flower definitive stamp.


I actually have a Tumblr blog about stamps I use and receive:

Our commemorative stamps start from 45ct onwards, so I can mostly just use one and then add up with definitive flower stamps. (Though I think they’re a great choice of standard stamps!)

Some recent ones:

Stamps from a private mailing company:


Today’s outgoing mail:


This week cards


Where did you get the 2014 stamp? Or did you buy it back then and then keep it? :smiley:

Until recently they were available in the stamps for your postcards set. But as I wanted to get the image and the link I noticed they have now changed the stamps in the set:


Ooh thank you, I didn’t know there were such sets! That’s really cool.

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There are even more! But not that easy to find when you don’t know they exist :frowning:

Steckkarte “Weihnachtsgrüße 2018”
Steckkarte “Weihnachtsgrüße 2019”
Steckkarte “Weihnachtsgrüße 2020”
Steckkarte “Attraktive Marken für Ihre Postkarte” (new set)
Steckkarte “Attraktive Marken für Ihre Postkarte” (found the set with the stamp you asked for!)
Steckkarte “Attraktive Marken für Ihre Briefe”
Steckkarte “Attraktive Marken für Ihre Postkarte” (45 Cents stamps)
Steckkarte “Attraktive Marken für Ihre Briefpost”

Happy stamp shopping? :rofl:


Can I forward the bill to you? :joy: Just kidding, thanks a bunch, already ordered some. :heart_eyes: It’ll be great to send unusual stamps to my recipients, stamps are almost as important to me as the card.


My first batch after nine years away. Most days I’m sending out one or two cards at a time.


Hello from Czech Republic.I like using these …Birds series, Thanks to all helpers against coronavirus, Christmas stamp and Europa Stamp, all are new (this year issued)