What postcards have you sent or received today?

Got these three after a gap of 9 days.

I’ve sent my first Postcrossing postcard today :heart:


Australia, Germany, and Uganda!


I sent 3 postcards in a month and still haven’t received any :frowning:
Today I sent postcard to Germany

I received this funny card from the Netherlands today

and this card is going to Canada today.


@Antjelino Thank you so much!

We sent a card a little early to the Easter Bunny address given to us in the above thread. We are thrilled that we did indeed receive a response :smiling_face:

This is the card we sent and the illustration is a joint work with my daughter.

Here is the reply from the Easter Bunny.


Your sent and received are both 36. As you send more your id will be drawn. Keep going and things will start to flow

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Received this morning :

Received yesterday :

Last cards sent :


I received today:


I’ve recieved a couple of huge batches of post the last few days :star_struck:
@Rafal - Thank you so much for FOTW South Korea (I love the flag stamp too!) I hope you enjoyed your trip!
@aletterbox - Thank you Ainu for the fantastic Liv Wan Map of South Korea. I love the colours of her postcards.
@MikaMinsk - Both your cards arrived together and they’re three of my favourite things combined: cats, space and maxicards :smiley: so natually I love them! Thank you so much for swap.
@alarica76 - LouPaper Connecticut is here (I will keep an eye out for Rhode Island and let you know when it arrives too!). Thanks so much! I’d love to visit more of the US, I’ve been to 3 states so far.
@putwinn - Thank you so much for the wonderful Tokushima Gotochi of Naruto Uzushio. I’ve never seen a whirlpool but I just looked up some photos of this one online - it’s cool but I wouldn’t want to get too close!
@reptilequeen - A lovely LouPaper Chile Peppers card, thank you Nicole! This is a lovely addition to my LouPaper collection :hot_pepper: :bell_pepper:
@HzB - I love the Ireland map card you sent, thank you so much!
@ibed - Thank you Deborah for this absolutely beautiful card (and gorgeous decorations on the back!). The sea creature stickers are so cute!


This card of mine reached Denmark. This is my first card to Denmark, and have yet to receive one from there.

And this is going to Germany, my 10th card to this country.

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@premkudva I’m at 627 received cards of which 1 received from Denmark. There are not many postcrossers in Denmark due to the outrageous price of international postage:
36 DKK / 433 INR / 4.83 EUR / 5.27 USD


Oh same with you too. And that is a crying shame for the prices. Here from India it takes just INR 15. Thanks for this info.

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-my mail 29.03.: Meetingcard from Itsdunnies (NL)

-my mail 28.03. Meetingcard from Eriberry and swap from Hoentje (DE)

**-sent today : officials to CN and US and RAS to DE**

-received a card from me: Hoentje (DE)

-Official cards travelling to: :ru: 353 days, 260 days, 78 days, Expired :frowning: , 38 days and 5 days, :belarus: 313 days Expired :frowning: ,27 days and 5 days, :hong_kong: 243 days and 71 days Expired :frowning: , :taiwan: 117 days Expired :frowning: and 5 days , :south_africa: 68 daysExpired :frowning: , :malaysia: 67 days Expired :frowning: , :india: 57 days, :us: 52 days, 5 days, 3 days and today, :cn: 27 days and today and :czech_republic: 11 days.


This card is going to Japan today.

and this goes to the USA



Check these ones out the fox one I would like to have a box of them :crazy_face: cause he stick out his tongue

Three postcards landed in my mailbox today

Lithuania, by a 76 year old postcrosser

USA, from a 10 year old postcrosser

In my opinion a good example of how postcrossing connects the generations. I’m excited!

And my first postcard from Korea.

The story behind it is really scary. It’s about a ghost hitchhiking on a Korean street. Legend has it that someone has even taken the ghost with them.


Headed out!


-my mail today : Holidaycard from mamanclaire (BE)

-sent today : 5 Eastercards


Received from @Annetta112 :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: