What postcards have you sent or received today?

Brag about your latest sent or received postcards on this thread! :slight_smile:

Here’s one of the last postcards I’ve received, to get this thread started:


-sent today : officials to RU and US and surprisecard to DE
-nothing received yet today.


I’ve sent five official postcards in national :it: Travel mode :train2: today:


I received 3 officials, including 2 from Malaysia (a country I am fond of and from where I only received once before).

One of the cards from Malaysia is from a series I really love. (Edit: uploaded, sorry about poor quality)

And I had 297 received before I registered these 3, so I have just registered my card n 300!!! :partying_face: :partying_face: :partying_face:
(I have not yet reached 300 on the sent front, only 2 to go).

And now I come here and the new forum is up and running! What a Postcrossing day! :partying_face:


Lovely card I received today,:slight_smile:

Rock’n Roll will never die!

Sent: Canada, Germany

Received: Czechia, Germany (2)

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I received a RAS from a member, wo is not in this forum.

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I received today this amazing card of Empire State Building. I love NYC.
I also got three more official cards today.

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Today I’ve received 8 officials from the USA (5) and Taiwan (2) and Belarus (1)
And a Swap 'Stay safe stay home from Cawe and also frp.Cawe for the ‘Kunstkartentag’ a card of the artist Alphons Mucha.
One of the officalcards was accompanied by another vintage christmascard and a Totoro bookmark :slight_smile:
So my mailbox was very happy today :smile:


Today I received 5 officials and one of them was actually two cards in an envelope :smile: A postcrosser was feeling generous :smile:


Today, I received no mail :cry:, but sent off this card for a favourites tag https://www.flickr.com/photos/148826360@N07/49578714287/in/album-72157687605470453/
Our royal family seems to be very popular abroad, I get many requests for cards of them


I have received two official cards from Germany and two cards for RRs :slightly_smiling_face:

Today I sent this virtual Postcrossing meetup card to Finland as a swap :slight_smile: The card is made by Finnish Postcrossing Friends Association.


I received my first card today, after being a member for 10yrs
I moved right after registration and had many other things to do and over the years I totally forgot about it and then… 10yrs later I saw a postcard from a friend at work and then it came back to me. I love this idea!!
Funny thing is, I’m polish and live in Germany for a long time and got the card from England also from a pole.


I received two cards: Taiwan and USA
I sent three cards: 2x Russia, 1x USA

Received: 1 RAS from toucans.

I am sending 12 cards today. 1 for a private swap, 1 for Postcrossing, and 10 for a RR.

3x Finland, 3x USA, 2x China, 2x Germany, 1x Taiwan, 1x Australia

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I haven’t received any today but I sent a lovely London postcard out to the USA.


I received just one card today, a tag, but it was a great Halloween card. One of my official cards was received late this afternoon, so I’m sending an official card out tomorrow to Belgium. :smile:

-my mail 21.10.: Thank you card from Barabara58 (AT)

-sent today : officials to RU and IE and surprisecard to NL

-received a card from me: Laddy84 (NL)

-Official cards travelling to: :latvia: 339 days, :india: 339 days and 262 days, Expired :frowning: :ru: 334 days, 311 days, Expired :frowning: 1 day and today, :cn: 294 days, 215 days Expired :frowning: and 4 days, :macau: 202 days, :mexico: 195 days, Expired :frowning: , :hong_kong: 142 days, Expired :frowning: , :es: 59 days, :indonesia: 40 days, :portugal: 39 days, :netherlands: 6 days, :czech_republic: 5 days, :canada: , :us: 4 days, 2 days and 1 day, :finland: 2 days and :ireland: today.

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