Easter Bunny´s address

We have here already a topic with Santa Claus´ addresses all over the world :santa:
So I thought it could be interesting for you to have addresses of the Easter Bunny, too :rabbit: :hatching_chick: :tulip:

In Germany we have 3 addresses of the Easter Bunny:

Hanni Hase

Am Waldrand 12
27404 Ostereistedt

translation of the address:
Easter Bunny Post Office
Hanni Rabbit
At the edge of the forest
Easter Egg City
(the city “Ostereistedt” does really exist!)

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An den Osterhasen
Siedlungsstrasse 2
06295 Osterhausen (Eisleben)

information about the address:
“Oster” is a word part of compound words with “Easter”,
and Osterhausen is a district of the city Eisleben,
there is Kleinosterhausen = little Osterhausen and Großosterhausen = big Osterhausen :smiley:

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Oberlausitzer Osterhasenpostamt
Osterhase und Frau Lotti Langohr in Eibau
Viebigstrasse 2
02782 Seifhennersdorf

information about the address:
Easter Bunny Postal Office in the Upper Lusatia region,
To the Easter Bunny and his wife “Lotty Long Ear”
–>originally the postal office was in Eibau, a small village that was incorporated by a bigger community, and the word Eibau is a compound word of Ei = egg and Bau = rabbit hole
–>after the incorporation the Easter postal office moved to Seifhennersdorf

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Everybody may write to the Easter bunny: children as well as adult people, and you can write there from everywhere in the world. The only important thing is to write your return address clearly! Then you will get an answer from the Easter bunny :rabbit: :mailbox_with_mail:

Happy Easter to everybody :hatching_chick: :rabbit: :tulip:

Edit 1st March: This year’s Easter special postmark of the German Post has just been published:

Ostern Sonderstempel Hanni Hase

When you write to “Hanni Hase” your answer letter will get this postmark (because this Easter Post Office is operated by the German Post) :rabbit: :smiley:


That is so fun! Thanks for sharing. I think my niece and I will give writing the Easter Bunny a try!


Me wants letter from Easter Bunny!

Guess there’s only one thing to do; write to the Easter bunny first!


Thank you for sharing :slight_smile: I think about writing to the Easter bunny with the return adress of my grandchildren

That is awesome. Thank you for sharing.

This is nice! Thank you for sharing.
Here in Italy we don’t have the Easter Bunny. Maybe in these late years is starting to spread this tradition, but when I was a child Easter was just a religious feast.

Ohh that sounda fun!
I didnt know you could write to the easter bunny in Germany.
What do people usually write down I wonder?

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Hello there! Thank you for this! I am going to send for my cousins :slight_smile:

Thank you for sharing! :sparkles:
If I send a letter to each of the three addresses, will I receive three identical replies?

@risa38a1db you will get 3 different answer letters :smiley:
There are different projects that care for the postbox of the Easter Bunny in these places :rabbit:


I see. Thank you for teaching me. I will try to write letters to three places with my children.

In order to receive a German postmark, does the stamp have to be German post or can we use an international stamp?

@Jacquelinewm The answer from the Easter Bunny (Hanni Hase) gets the postmark, and the stamp on the answer letter will be paid by the Easter Bunny :rabbit: So this answer will not cost you anything :grinning: It is not necessary to send an envelope for the answer, only write your address on the letter to the Easter Bunny, so that he knows where he shall send the answer :rabbit:


I wrote a postcard to the Easter Bunny (all the addresses above)
and today I got a letter and postcards in german from Hanni Hase.
( I wrote in german, maybe you get a response in the language you write)
The postmark is nice too.
I will not post a picture here to spoil it for you but if you would like to see it send a PM

Edit: March 24
Received a letter in english and a postcard from the Easter Bunnies
Olli & Lotti today