What do you make handmade cards out of?

Hello postcrossers! I’m just curious what do you make handmade cards out of?

When I first started handmade cards, I had gotten a pack of blank postcards and matching envelopes. To paint them, I had to tape down the edges so they wouldn’t curl up or move around while I painted. So anyone who has received my cards has probably noticed I cut the edges off.

Now I make postcards with old boxes. Cereal boxes are usually the ones I end up using. To make them, I roughly cut out a rectangle (the average cereal box makes 4 postcards). Then I use a paper cutter to refine it. I don’t do exact measurements so they aren’t all the same size. They are even though. Then I sand the design off so I can write on one side and paint on the other. After that I paint with acrylics. Then I seal it with modpodge. How do you make handmade cards? And out of what?

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See here: What are your favorite medium(s) to use when creating your mail art/handmade cards?

I also use old cardboard for recycling cards, e.g. to send in the Food package postcard tag, :recycle: Environmentally Friendly Tag and Socially Good Cards RR :dove:.
And also, last year I bought these which are a bit nicer and already have the perfect size:

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These postcard stickers are quite neat.


I use blank postcards with a grammage of at least 300g/m². They don’t curl even with acrylic paint.

I use these watercolor postcards

And for the back also postcard stickers …

I also had these first. They are very good but way too expensive.

I now have a 100 pack for 14,99€ and also very good, like the 25 pieces (7,95 €) and I find these (100 pieces) even better, because they are without advertising imprint. Only the classic lines of a postcard.


Watercolor paper
Card stock
Label paper sticker paper
Clear contact paper to cover collage edges or paint

I use ink, watercolor, colored pencils, markers, acrylic, metallic ink, sharpies, torn papers, cut papers, glue, glue stick

I also make quilted postcards from batik fabric, batting, and card stock sewn on my sewing machine.


Those are so cool! I especially love the yellow swirl. Is it supposed to be the sun? It’s pretty awesome regardless

Yep, the sun! Thanks so much!

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Wow! So beautiful :heart_eyes:


I love to make sticker cards. It’s fun and easy and you can use “ugly” cards from boxes with collections, you don’t want to keep or send.
This is what they look like:


That’s pretty cool @LaWendeltreppe



When making a card, I use heavy paper (around 240g / m²). Then either I embroider with thread (often cotton), or I draw and cut a pattern of my creation.


For envelopes, it depends on whether I have the time or not. Either they are commercial envelopes or I make them from scrap wallpaper.


Wow. The creativity people show is amazing. Especially the ones which crafted with fabric or embroidery. That takes a lot of time. I was just printing off photos I’ve taken glueing them to card stock, then printing off the back design on another piece of card stock and glueing that one. That was years ago when the options discussed in this thread weren’t available. Thanks for the suggestions, and I look forward to more on this thread.


well l am not good at handmade , but l have recevied a handmade card from FINLAND. lts so beautiful and exquisite,l love it so much


Cardboard like cake, cereal macaroon boxes use glue and cut catalog up.

I also order https://www.amazon.com/Sustainable-Greetings-Blank-Mailable-Postcards/dp/B07R7N6FN3/ref=mp_s_a_1_4?keywords=postcard+blank&qid=1640546175&sr=8-4


For those who make handmade cards, I was wondering what kind of paper you use.
Do you cut card-stock, buy blank (on the front) postcards or decorate on top of already printed cards?


I buy blank 4" x 6" watercolor postcards for hand-painted art. For collage art, I just cut cardboard from clean food packaging using my paper cutter.


I do the same. You can also gesso over another postcard - kinda like junk journaling. I’m trying my hand at fabric postcards which I’ve never done before but I love fabric so thought I’d try. What are you planning on making?


I have done all of the above depending on the needs of the project.
For watercolor, I have watercolor postcards I bought from Amazon. (Some brands are better than others. DM me if you want my recommendations.)
I have other blank ones from Amazon I use for pen/pencil or simple projects.
I’ve used foam board from dollar tree, Amazon boxes, food packages, calendar pages, postcards I don’t like (check out the 'trash tag’s to get some interesting things), and more. Creativity is the key!!

USA Senders: If you put it in an envelope (clear plastic or otherwise) it counts as a card and needs standard postage. BUT if you use junk mail and cut a piece to cover the decorated front and attach it with washi tape all the way around, it counts as a postcard. :wink:


All you mentioned. I have no consistency, it depends on the aesthetic I’m going for on the card. And if I’m using a particular cardstock, how thick is it? Cheaper paper I adhere to nice quality blanks. Good thick cardstock goes alone or on thinner blanks.

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