What do you make handmade cards out of?

Fabric postcards are so beautiful!! Definitely share if you end up making one!

I’m mostly just starting out but I wanted to try to do some acrylic painting of simple scenes but the blank postcards on Amazon are so thin. I might use gesso like you suggested actually!

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I have these for wet art… I purchased mine from art shops but maybe hobby lobby or the like will have them. I really like the quality of these. I hope you also share :smiley:



Sometimes when you order stamps online from usps you get a little cardboard type sheet that is easy to cut postcards out of. All you do is measure your postcards, cut it, decorate, and send, just know that its a kraft paper type color so I recommend using paint pens.


I know exactly what you’re talking about! I usually throw them away but what a great idea, I’ll keep em next time!

@CocoMuchmore I’ve been hesitant to try this style (or lazy, whatever you want to call it.) Are you sewing through the fabric + card?

Hey! Once you start, it’s easy. I sewed my fabric design together on quilt batting, then used spray glue to affix a postcard blank (I used watercolor paper). Then I stitched the card around the edge. So you don’t sew to the paper except at the end, and just around the edge. Good luck and have fun! Coco


Hi I’m brand new.
I would like to create and make a homemade card or use one of my photographs.
I understand from reading, not everyone welcomes such cards and I will certainly check.
My question is … what kind backing material would you suggest to be used so the postcard is sturdy.
Certainly photograph paper is not sturdy at all.
And from those who make homemade cards with papers, what glue have you used and have you coated the front of the card with a liquid medium.

Thanking you.


I get a shop to print my photos on cardstock so they can survive mailing through the postal system

See this thread for more info

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Hi! I haven’t made a lot of homemade cards, but I did make some with paper scraps using cardboard inserts that you might get in packaging as the backing. For these particular cards I used mod podge to seal the front.


Hello! I’ve never used photos for postcards, but I do make collage postcards. I do my collage on card stock, then glue(I like Aleenes Tacky Glue) manila card stock on the back for strength and to write on. I like the look of just the raw paper fibers, so I don’t use any coating on my work. I mail the postcard in an envelope after pressing it under a stack of heavy books.for at least 24 hours. Hope this is helpful.


ohi think you can cry to using the cardboard andi’m really like a postcard made from a photographer so could i get a postcard from you?:blush::blush::blush:


I don’t do collages, but every so often I will send something hand-drawn. I can attest that everyday cardboard, like the kind that cereal boxes are made from, can survive being mailed, but I suggest looking into watercolour paper - it’s thick and very sturdy because it’s designed to take in a lot of water and not turn into mush.


oh sorry I mean try to…