Printing your own postcards

Hello all!

I wonder if anyone has printed their own postcards. Where did you print them? What company would you recommend?
I created this design from used stamps:

Please tell me your opinion of this design!
And feel free to move the topic if it is in the wrong place.


Nice design! Lots of folks use stamps to make cool postcards & yes many, many Postcrossers get cards printed - some their own design, some use other photographers/designers designs. There is a whole section on where to get cards, including a wiki by country with links.


Thanks for the direct to this wiki!


I use a company called MOO for a very specific multiview template that I prefer and they are made on very high stock paper. They are probably a more expensive option, but I like them. I have also used Vista Print in the past, for specialty postcards. I will probably check out the fantastic list on the link above!


Thanks for sharing this link!


About 10% of the postcards I send I print myself from my own photos and from vintage designs.

I found 96lb Pecos River Gloss 4x6 paper from Red River Paper. It makes a nice photo quality print on the coated site and it's heavy-duty enough that it feels like a commercially printed postcard.

I’ve used Vistaprint for making meetup postcards. I have been satisfied with their process, but prepare to be bombarded with follow on marketing (like most other vendors I’m afraid). Are you sure you don’t want that same image on a mug, a mousepad, a tote bag, a tie, a pen, maybe we could get it tattooed on your Mom’s back for you, or get it painted on the side of your car? Or the moon, then when the moon is full everyone could see your image, for just a small fee…


Sometimes I use SmartPostCard. You can use you own pictures and get a real postcard send by the Luxembourg office with you text and a real stamp. App is available on the Appstore. It works well and faste.


Please don’t do it. A lot of people (if not all of them) don’t want their address to be shared with a third party!

From the community guidelines:

Keep private information private.
The addresses given to you are private information and can only be used for Postcrossing purposes. Do not share them with anyone or make them public on the internet. This also applies to what is written on the postcards you have received, so please do not scan it.”


In China, printing own postcards is easy,you can use Taobao,there are lots of company on it.Print a card (150mm* 100mm) cost about $0.1 and you can use good paper.If you use poorly paper,one card only cost $0.05.It is really cheap.But resolving power should over 1795 * 1228.


Zazzle, they are having 50%off till 2/11, each one is about $0.50. Promo code is: SENDLOVE2021


I have used vistaprint for meetup card
Zazzle some people hate and they are strange sizes


Is vistaprint not same size as zazzle?
I was once looking there and was disappointed they didn’t offer standard size postcard, so I didn’t order, but maybe it changed?

Edit: are you happy with vistaprint quality?

It look cool!
In Thailand you can print easy too
just pickup some page on facebook and send design pay money
and you get what you want
(5-8 THB per card up to the standard paper)


Yes I have always been happy with Vistaprint
They do tell if your photo will not print or could be a problem (if it will be blurry

I am guessing by some of the Zazzle cards I have seen either they don’t or a lot of people who use that site don’t listen
The size of Zazzle are wider one way and shorter the other


Though people from other country cann`t use Taobao,but there is also this kind service on alibaba.This is a wholesale web, a sister web of taobao.Min order number maybe 100,depending on shop ,some more,some less.I should say prices depends on number.Ordering with your friends together may be wiser.

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Does anyone print their own postcards at home? I know this can be done, I just don’t know how cost effective it is to be printing using so much ink.

Do you have any advise? Videos you can recommend etc.


Thanks !


As long as you don’t have professional printing equipment at home I wouldn’t recommend printing cards at home. A lot of people rather wouldn’t want to receive such cards because the printing quality isn’t as good as professionally printed cards.


I agree with Hawkwind. I would never like to receive any selfprinted card.


I have to agree with both _Hawkwind_ and kotona. I would not personally like to receive such a card. If you have pictures you have taken that you would like to send as a postcard, I recommend having them professionally printed. There are lots of sites online where this can be done.