What do you do with all your cards?

I am relatively new to Postcrossing and I am curious? do you keep all of the postcards that you receive?

personally, i keep only the ones that I really like, and recently I have been saving the stamps ( snipping them out from the cards) for some sort of collage or something (i haven’t decided quite yet).


This will give you the idea:


i keep all the cards sent to me. they are all new to me and precious and i would not want to throw away.

the world of postcards worldwide is generally wonderful, i think.


Maybe I have kept less than half of the cards I received. The balance I have traded or sold. Some went straight into the circular file.

I have roughly around 300 at this point and they all git in a shoebox that I covered with old maps. I keep them all :slight_smile:


I keep them in the box :wink:

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So far I have kept all of them, 175

It does stress me out since I am not a collector! But, but–how can I get rid of them? They have precious messages on them!

I must get a shoebox to put them in–they are kind of all over the place.

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For now I’ve kept all of them. My older ones are in albums (2019-2020), my newer ones (2021) are in a box yet to be put into an album.
One day I might have to do away with some, the idea kind of breaks my heart though, so not sure if that’ll actually ever happen. :sweat_smile:


I store mine in boxes like small shoe boxes with dividers. No I wouldn’t throw them. Its social history & people collect them. If you really don’t want to keep some of them bundle & sell them on ebay/donate the money to charity.
I do use some old postcards in my junk journals but they aren’t my postcrossing ones.


I found a plastic file box with a lid that snaps on at a Staples once which holds mine pretty well. I also got some ‘large index card’-sized cardboard dividers with tabs so I could label each country and find things more easily. I think it’s really fun to look back through them! I’m also a children’s librarian, so sometimes I bring them in for the kids at my library to look through.

I also did a forum-based postcard swap a few years ago with the kids at the library I was at then, and I kept all the postcards we received from that in a half-size three-ring binder on my desk so the kids could see what had been going back and forth. It’s all about the number of postcards you want to keep and how you want to interact with them, I think - the three-ring binder wouldn’t have worked for more than, say, 75 postcards, but the file box is a lot more versatile.

I have a storage box made just for postcards etc like this:
I also put some onto the wall hanging from mini clothespins.
I am only a beginner but I plan to save every card I receive. They are all so precious to me :revolving_hearts:

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I haven’t received much yet, but I’ve sorted them into a photo album. I wouldn’t throw them away. That would be too bad. Everyone who sent them tells something about themselves and has put effort and time into it.

I think I’m in the minority here, but I don’t keep mine. I enjoy them when I get them, pass on a few to my fiancee and to my daughter if they’d be particularly interested in them, and with the rest, the stamps are cut off and sent to other PCers who collect stamps, then the cards go into the recycling.

Before anyone gets offended, I come from a childhood with a mom who was a hoarder and have struggled all my life with those tendencies as well. I’ve never gotten to the level it was with her, but I’m still trying to break away from that for myself and keeping anything ‘nonessential’ is a very bad idea for me. It rapidly turns into clutter which gets overwhelming.

They are in a shoebox, not too big. I didn’t know that some people throw away the cards. I haven’t yet got something so bad that I could throw it away.

So far I have received only 2 postcards, but I have a photo album where I keep rare editions, retro postcards and postcards that family members bring me from traveling. The only issue with using photo album is that “pockets” are not big enough to fit bigger cards or irregular shapes.
Also, my father was engaged in stamp collecting in his youth and my grandfather, his father, brought a special stamp album from Germany a long time ago. I continue his hobby and add new stamps to the collection. It is also convenient to store postcards in this stamp album

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I keep all my postcards in a a binder sorted by theme.


I keep all the postcards I receive and put them in my journals as a memory and part of the decoration. :blush:

Some examples: