What do you do with your postcards beside collecting?

So most of People Are collecting the Postcards and have them stored in kind of folders. Do you show them somewhere else? (Maybe in a blog?) Or do you use them for any other purpose?


I have some on display, like this HamilStitch postcard:

Some go into art installations for my house. For example, I’m collecting Year of the Ox cards to create a poster sized collage for my boyfriend. This year is our one year anniversary (Jan 11th), which is the Paper Anniversary (represented in the Postcards). And not only is this the Year of the Ox, but so is my boyfriend.

Some get posted on my blog. I run a sex and relationship blog, so Erotic/Sexy/NSFW cards I receive get posted there.

For now, others are just stored, but I’m sure I’ll have a use for them in the future.


I enjoy sending postcards more than receiving them so I wouldn’t call myself a postcard collector. I do like showing other people the postcards that I get and I used to post them on my public blog, but I don’t do it any more, especially after a bunch of people complained to the mods (even though I blacked out all the personal information). The occasional postcard I still post on my public blog will either be a postcard I sent to myself, a blank postcard, or a postcard where the sender has explicitly given me permission to post.

I do tweet out the fronts of cards I’ve gotten on my Twitter account. (And if people are still unhappy with this, I’ll remove the picture and just tweet out a worded description.) And I’ve posted better scans of my postcards on a private blog now which only select friends can access. Unfortunately, I don’t allow other participants from Postcrossing to request access to it since that was what got me into trouble in the first place.


Once I take out all the rude cards, they make good coffee table books. I’ve also shown them to friends and family trying to recruit them.


Wow I’m shocked that you run into trouble with it! I mean I would understand if you would have show the personal information but without I don’t see a real problem though. Back a view years ago there where 100 of blogs with postcard scans!


I store them in boxes and regularly watch and read them again. Once, when I have more time or when I am retired, I would like to do something with them, but I don’t know what… a blog or inventory or … :thinking:


I have two white frames in the kitchen and glued some rope on it, so I can fix about ten cards in each frame with small clothes pin. The wall behind is deep blue and it always makes me happy to see my cards. Every card stays there for a while, some of them a long time, because I like them a lot. After the frame the cards get into boxes but from time to time I look at them and show them to friends or family


I display some of them in my living room where I can see them while I work (pic below).

When I was working at the office I’d share them with my colleagues but since we’re all working from home now, I take pictures of the most interesting ones and use them as my Teams background for a day so they can still enjoy them.


I keep most of my collection in photo boxes. Each card is sleeved. Some cards that I have purchased I use for trading stock. Some cards I received just don’t fit in here. With those, I wait till I accumulate enough of them and consign them to an auction house. Of if a smaller amount, I put up on eBay.


I would be very interested to learn more about selling off received ones!! Which auction houses do you use? Can anybody use them, or do you have a special relationship? How many cards per lot? What is an average price (either per card or per lot)? Do you know what types of people would buy them? Same with eBay - they’re not vintage cards, since for example there’d be a batch received in 2020.

I wouldn’t have thought people would be interested in buying such recent cards, sent to somebody else, but clearly they are! I’d love to learn more!

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What do you call these wall hangings? I’d love to get one.


I’m not sure what they are called, I found them in a shop in Basel, Switzerland about 13 years ago and haven’t really seen similar here in Canada.

I found something similar on Amazon though that ships to NZ. I can’t vouch for the seller or quality, of course, but I hope this helps!


Thank you. I’ll have a look. :grin:

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Found this while looking on Amazon & it made me realize I can do this myself with string, push pins & little clothes pegs I can get at the Dollar store likely! Thanks for the inspiration @AlliKat



I have a huge world map on a wall in my hallway. I take the cards and put them on the wall around it and tie a string to where they came from. I dont have a lot of room so I pin up my favorites and than I put a pin where I get my cards, even ones I don’t pin up. The other ones go in a box and I take them out and share them with my Grandchildren. They love seeing all the cards from all over the world.


Mine are in shoeboxes each in a sleeve if they fit. One day I hope to catalogue the stamps on each one but I’ll probably always keep them as an entire card. I haven’t really decided how I want to sort them. Besides the 600+ postcrossing ones I have 100’s of randoms that have been in stamp lots I’ve bought over the years.

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That one I bought a few years ago as well. I use them for favorite cards. But there are so many so now I’m looking for a different solution though

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I first display them in my livingroom for a while and then place them either in an album by theme or just in a box untill I descide how to save them.


I collect them in my living room :grin:


I can’t have any cards sitting out like that with my cat - the ones that didn’t get put away fast enough already have teeth marks in them!