What did you acquire for postcrossing?

I was a bit low on holiday-themed postcards, so I put in an order with MyMagiCard. Just arrived a couple of days ago, packaged in a very holiday-appropriate way:

:musical_note: Brown paper packages tied up with string… :musical_note:


these are a few of my favourite things!!!


Where did you order them? They look cool!

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Rubber Stamps!! The first images from www.posthumuswinkel.nl
And the third image from www.heroarts.com were they were cheaper because they are based on USA.


Many thanks for opening and showing! I was afraid you would keep us all waiting here in suspense :cold_sweat:

Wow… all your postcards are so pretty! :star_struck:

Hello Macca!


I thought UNICEF and not UNESCO? :thinking:

Or did they release some too? That’ll be great :heart_eyes::heart_eyes:

You are right, it is UNICEF. But Snoopy as intangible world heritage would also be great!


Great, now I had to buy all of the Peanuts Christmas Cards :joy: it was too hard to resist.

I started Postcrossing this year and I already had to acquire my second Collecting Album.
If my calculations are right, by next year I will have to acquire a larger flat so I can store all my postcards :grin:


I love these!

To celebrate my 200 officials I treated myself to two new fountain pens :partying_face: :fountain_pen: :fountain_pen:
Now that I finally started to use my fountain pens on postcards I consider this as a necessary purchase :wink:

Plus vintage style Christmas postcards with matching stamps :christmas_tree: :postbox:


I buy a random postcard today and it makes me no regrets buying this ( Of course):face_with_hand_over_mouth::joy: Even im still new at this site/ started this year, Im so happy to have a wonderful postcard and
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My new washi tape😃 How cool to decorate them on postcard
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Where did you bought them??

Happy Holidays!


Otterly adorable!


I visited my parents last weekend and they bought an old cabinet at a thrift store. Turned out one of the drawers was locked and my dad managed to open it and inside were a stack of old papers including these very old postcards!

They are unwritten and the old smaller postcard size. I think they must have been a souvenir from a trip to Switzerland.


I bought these lovely snowman- and Merry Christmas stickers about a month ago.
And when I entered the shop, I also bought some birthday stickers (which I already used half for my friends birthday.)


I bought some postcards in the online shop of “Appenzellerland” as mentioned under Switzerland in the Online shops wiki:

I actually quite like them! The photos are really well chosen and I like that there are animals in front of picturesque Swiss landscapes.


thank you so much for copying the link in here. :slight_smile:
I was so delighted by the huge amount of online postcard shops all over the world. :slight_smile: How great!
I just ordered some postcards from a Russian postcard shop.
And I also think of ordering some (no sorry, it will actually a huge stack :slight_smile: ) postcards at a Lithuanian online shop. :slight_smile: