What did you acquire for postcrossing?

Here you can tell us - better yet, show! - what did you buy or were given recently for Postcrossing: such as postcards, stamps, envelopes, pens, stickers or any other kind of supplies or snacks. :slightly_smiling_face:


Recently I ordered online a pack of nice different postcards and a rainbow washi tape.

Yesterday I bought those tiny notebooks (5 cm) so I can fill them and send it to some people and mailing bags so I could make some chocolate/goodies exchange. I also got some free bookmarks from the local library. :slightly_smiling_face:


I went to a locally owned book store yesterday and asked if they still had old postcards and they did! It was kind of awkward because they are closed to in store traffic and are only doing curbside pickup right now, but I was able to walk up to the door of the store, ask my question, and hand the cashier my credit card.

I asked him to pick out some good ones for me, but he wound up letting me go through the boxes myself because nobody had touched the postcards since before the shelter-in-place order. I got some real beauties that I can hardly wait to share. I’d forgotten just how much I love the feel of them and the way my pen glides across the fine linen cards from the earlier part of the 20th century.

I still have my fountain pens and some calligraphy ink, but I know I’m going to want more colours eventually and I’m also going to want to make some of my postcards. I’m thrilled to find a whole community of people who “get it” about real mail.


I bought some stamps and envelopes today. Also ordered some cards from online shop, can’t stop buying cards recently, although I have enough :slightly_smiling_face:


I take after my mom in always maintaining a well-stocked craft room! Most of my postcard-writing supplies have been with me for years, and even decades. :sweat_smile: Here is a “live” view from my desk:

In the top left corner is a new addition: the Year of the Rat rubber stamp set that my husband gave me for our first wedding anniversary. :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: :rat:

Speaking of rubber stamps, I recently purchased this sticker paper so I can make “custom” stickers with my stamps, including my favorite rat stamp ever! I use a small pair of scissors to cut them out after the ink dries.

All my littlest supplies needed a home, so I bought a few sets of tiny drawers. Organization is, um, not a natural talent of mine, but this helps! Besides washi tapes and stamps, there are some assorted craft supplies, including a drawer of ojime beads mostly populated by–you guessed it–rats!


That frog stamp is the cutest! If you don´t mind me asking, where did you get it from?


I never mind! :sparkling_heart: I believe I bought him at a Michael’s, but he is made by Stampendous. His name is Sir Toad! Unfortunately, I believe he has been discontinued, as his copyright date is 2012 and I couldn’t find F228 Sir Toad on the company website. :frowning_face: You might try Etsy or eBay.

I have found a few rubber stamp shops on Etsy that might have similar designs; I’ll be happy to post them here or send you a private message, if you’d like!

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Thank you! If you could send me a PM, I´d be very grateful :blush:

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That was nice of him. :blush: I love leafing through all the cards myself, and sometimes I also enjoy a good grab bag, or letting someone else pick for me with little to no guidance. Of course, you’re bound to end up with a few boring or ugly ones, but those have their purpose, too! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


The day I signed up I bought local cards to post tot he first 5 people. Then I ordered a few different box sets I’d like to send/swap so I can have specific ones in my collection. I have also bought some different ones off trade me (NZ shop like Ebay). Getting super impatient so checking the boards all the time to see what else I can join. :joy:


I ordered some of these cards and they arrived today.


A local fabric store was going out of business (sad reality of the coronavirus era), so I bought this old sewing pattern chest of drawers for $25 (21€). The drawer dividers inside are just the right size for standard postcards. I just need to organize a bit! :laughing:


Better don’t ask… :money_with_wings:


Stamps! All the stamps!

I didn’t take any photos, just video, so I guess I’ll have to post it as a link to my instagram.


Today I bought some washi tape with traveller desings (like planes).
I had a few beautiful postcards recently decorated with tape, so I really wanted to have a few rolls myself.
And today - by strict coincidence - I just happened to see some tape in the store. :innocent:


I just bought this wonderful pack of stamps at Posti. I’ve had my eyes on them for such a long time. Plus the respective priority stickers are simply beautiful too. Can’t wait to use them! :smile:


I bought a set of 150 totally random postcards because I felt bad that I could only offer two kinds of postcards. I also bought two different types of stamps to use too. I’m new to this but I already feel invested.


I went to a Cracker Barrel yesterday as I read they sometimes carry postcards. No luck there but did buy this lapdesk. I’ve just been using the book I’m reading as my hard item to write on so as soon as I saw this I thought “Well there is an adorable solution to my problem!” :rofl:


I recently ordered 70€ worth of maximum cards… that is a lot of money and i feel very guilty. But I looove them, and the receivers i guess will love them as well!


I couldn’t resist, it’s okay to not be able to resist, right? I’m usually pretty good but it was a rainy Saturday after a crazy week…

I’m running very low on washi tapes. I don’t use them much but yay when they’ll be finished I can buy some more! :sweat_smile::joy::joy::joy: