What did you acquire for postcrossing?

Today I bought New Year’s cards * - *

I think I’m more happy with them than the people who get them:face_with_hand_over_mouth: :evergreen_tree:


I only just recently got back into postcrossing. I found a few cards from years ago and it was like a switch - I’m back.

So…. I bought some more stamps. Then bought some more cards. Stamps. Some tape. Some stickers. Some more tape. More stamps. Some markers. Some postcrossing id stickers. Some glue. Some more stickers….

I tend to get very involved with my hobbies, and that’s ok. It’s nice to have an interest that brings so much joy.


Love the cacti stamps!!! :star_struck:

This sounds like a good story to tell or write a book about it. I love it!!! :heartpulse:

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Some X-mas postcards again.

The one with the owl is kind of a word play. It mimicks the sound of an owl and the Christmasy Hohoho.

The lower one says “… it was the cat”


These Christmas postcards I found yesterday. They are from a label called Janos Angeli. Never heard of them before.

And my last order arrived.


I bought stamp packs and FDCs this week


i didn’t plan on buying even more cards, but there are two postcard boxes i’ve had my eye on for a while now and i got a gift card for a webshop that sells them. one of them is ‘the wild cards’. saw some photos on the forum and i’m so happy i bought it. i think it’s quite cheap as well, for the quality and amazing beauty of all the cards.


What stunning pictures!

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Amazing. Well done. So happy for you. :slight_smile:

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Well I was on holiday and then I found a cute gift shop and when I went inside it was just a candy store for Postcrossers!

All the brands everyone talks about, just in a physical shop! It was a first for me :blush:

I kind of promised myself to first send out my current stock, so I managed to only buy 8 cards:


:eyes: where do we find this shop?

also i’m very jealous you’re able to only buy 8 cards. those gaming cards are so cool :heart_eyes:


A’pril in Gent, Belgium. Check out Google maps for pics of the inside of the shop :wink:

I’m also in love with the Gameboy cards, I might have squeed when I found those in a box. My boyfriend was surprised that I bought so many of them?!


Went a bit overboard buying stamps this week but I am running low…got Valentines, Lunar New Years (old & new), some of the last Native art ravens, plus an assortment of low & high denominations. All together $150 USD as I get my account going again.


Super cute bunnies!

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I ordered Easter postcards so I’ll be prepared when I need them! :smiley: Holidays often catch me by surprise and I’d rather have too many cards, haha.

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This box is one of my favourites Kyra :heart_eyes:! I’m going to find it hard to part with many of the cards though :face_with_hand_over_mouth:.

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I had to wait a bit longer for my Christmas presents to arrive…but here they are :star_struck:

Since I’m now using my fountain pens for postcards, I can totally justify buying some more water-resistant and waterproof inks (I like colour :rainbow:)


I’ve been stocking up on postcards over the last couple of weeks

Still waiting for a few more.


And a new couple of batches. This will have to do for a bit
I love having these illustrations from classic Swedish children’s books.