What did you acquire for postcrossing?

Yesterday I bought these postcards. I‘m not that much into tourist cards myself, but a lot of people love them so I’m glad I found these from my city that I actually like. They were quite expensive though.:thinking:

I also bought these ones.


It’s so cool. Just love it.:blush:
All the best for you. :four_leaf_clover:

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Even though I had more than enough cards to last a while when I placed the order, these arrived yesterday…


Lantern Press wooden postcards - a splurge because we’re not doing any traveling this summer for the third year in a row :sob: Is there anyone who has sent these that can give me some tips? What works best for writing on them? Do you mail in-envelope for protection? (The Wisconsin design is a birthday gift for a family member)


I bought one too the other day. I have never sent one and I also have the same curiosity of how to send them.


This thread might answer your questions @SilverHare and @shootingstar7


Recent 30% discount at Zazzle - these cards just arrived!


I picked up a bunch of stamps today! :grin:

I was also slightly irresponsible and ordered a bunch more from the Canada Post website, which I probably shouldn’t have done, but they’ll last me quite a while and I’m very pleased :innocent:


Rare, I think, but it has happened with US + UK. I’d love to see more collaborations in the future


My fiancée took me to Papemelroti, a famous Filipino paper goods store. They have great postcards so I was able to get several more designs I did not yet have.


I tend to get movie flyers, tourist information, and the like, thinking it would be nice to include them when I send them in an envelope. :smiley:


A stamp jointly issued by France and Japan was released last year.


What beautiful stamps! :heart_eyes::heart_eyes::heart: I collect books for children and love illustrations. Thank you for sharing!

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There is a long list in Wikipedia


Have a look here : What are some joint issue stamps that your country released? :slightly_smiling_face:

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Thank you for the link. I really enjoyed looking through all the collaboration stamps. The next time I’m going stamp shopping, I’ll take photos of more joint issue stamps. There are very beautiful Singapore ones for sure. I actually got a postcard once from Singapore with a joint Russia-Singapore stamp. There are Russia-Japan (flowers) and Russia-Armenia (the capitals’ skyscrapers) that I remember well. The Wikipedia list is not up to date. It’s fun to learn all these small facts about stamps while postcrossing. It’s something that I didn’t even think about when I started sending out postcards :blush:

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So I got this container to store my washi tape, but the slots were too small. Luckily it works perfectly to store all my postage stamps! I used to have my postage stamps in 3 different places. It was really hard to know what I had, and I kept buying more than I needed :sweat_smile: Hopefully this helps with that issue!


I know what you mean!!! I too have a lot of stamps because I don’t keep track of what I have. I bought a file yesterday and organized it and was again shocked at how many stamps I have.


India issues lots of joint stamps each year. I have these in my collection.

Older ones are hard to get, but recent ones are easily available and I use them for postage as well.

India-Russia is my favourite


I have joint-issue stamps of Russia and India. Yes, they are bright and beautiful, and I like them too. But my stamps (bought in Russia) are slightly different from yours in design. The idea is the same, they can be recognized by the photo, but still the stamps are different. And in the Russian version there is no such beautiful sheet with a background of buildings. The stamps are located on a square sheet, 3x3 pieces, and in the center is a square with an inscription about the joint issue. So, as it turned out, the stamps of joint issues are not an exact copy, they are only similar. I didn’t know about it before.