Wooden cards, advice please?

I found some wooden cards but what kind of pen do you use to write on them? I don’t want to ruin them :blush:
And do you mail them as they are or rather in an envelope? They seem quite fragile…


I’ve sent 3 wooden cards some time ago, I don’t remember using any kind of special pen… sent without envelope, all were registered and no complaints by the recievers. :blush:

Here they are:



I prefer to user fine-liner, but the ink will bleed into the wood grains.
Ballpoint ink won’t bleed, but it left indentation.

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Wooden cards are not suitable for (almost any) small letter sorting machine. So there is a danger of damage for real, both for card and machine.
I suggest to avoid an envelope, otherwise some machine handlers might oversee its content and miss handsorting.
Some post offices have non-machine-trays in advance where employees put such cards, but this is no guarantee for the right ‘procession stream’ in the sorting centres.


Indeed, I am afraid to use the inkt because the letters would not be readable.

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I’ve got wood postcards from Australia and the USA (to Spain) and they arrived safe and sound. Only, they both arrived without postmarks. I guess they didn’t pass through the postal machines.

MAI 34 (PC princetongirl_nz)


I’ve received wooden postcard from Canada and it was written with a fine liner, that bled a little, but not much. And it has normal looking postmark. It’s very bendy, compared to what I sent, that was thick. I used a gel pen, and that didn’t bleed.


I once received a wooden card and it arrived undamaged (without an envelope). It looks like it was written with a normal pen.

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Hello Friends!
I have a few questions about wooden postcards. They are new to me, and I’m starting to notice them more. I’m noticing there are different qualities. I am even thinking about making my own wooden cards. I have a wood-burning kit.

What is the best pen to use? I use my ultra fine sharpies to write my postcards. Is this a good choice? Will it bleed?

Do they require additional postage? They appear to be not too thick, so is a regular postcard postage all I need?

Do stamps adhere to the cards as is, or do I need to do something special to the card? Stamp?


I’m very interested in this and want to exchange with you

The max thickness for postcard postage is 0.016in. The wooden postcards I have are thicker, but they should fit into the limit for letter postage which is 1/4inch max. I think they also require additional nonmachinable surchage as for rigid envelopes (currently 20c, 30c after the postage prices increase)

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Thank you!

Which pen do you like to use?

I used a regular ballpoint pen on wooden postcards, it doesn’t bleed.
But it can have a little trouble getting started if the wood is greasy at all, so don’t touch the postcard writing side any more than neccesary (you can put some paper under your hand when writing) :slight_smile:

I actually didn’t write one yet. I recently bought some wooden postcards and only researched what postage would be required

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I never sent wooden card but have received several. They were all sent w&s. Ballpoint pen, gel pen and even glitter pen was used. If you’re wondering about ink bleed, i think you could test your pen on corner side and put stamp on there.


I just sent out my first wooden post card to Texas. I used a ball point pen and I had the post office lady hand cancel the four stamps that I had put on it and then I put a plastic cover over it! No additional Canadian postage was needed!


Best advice: put on sufficient postage! :grin:

I just ransomed this tiny gem of a wooden postcard from USPS for an additional $0.20 (non-machinable surcharge). Can’t wait to open and register it. I think this is the smallest thing I have ever received in the mail.


I loved your card so much Cory! Such a unique wooden card! Thank you again for our swap!

We use ultra fine tipped sharpie on ours. Sadly in the US we’ve seen half of ours mangled by the postal machines. One took a month to travel from California to Missouri and arrived in pieces in a plastic bag with a generic form letter apology. We stopped buying and sending them after that.