Wooden cards, advice please?

I bought 2wooden cards and find them to expensive to send out,

I just got this wooden surfboard shaped postcard, and I’m wondering how to send it. Not much room for postage on this one.


I came across a similar looking card on a blog, it was sent domestically using an international stamp. Maybe there’s some kind of a high value stamp that could cover the postage?

I’ve also seen people use some kind of white label with the exact postage printed.


I have a lot of $2 Inverted Jenny stamps, and nothing to put them on.
Maybe I’ll try those. Thanks for the idea, and for the photo. :smiley:


OMG this is amazing!!! What an awesome postcard!

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I’ve sent thicker wooden postcards and usually they required first class postage.
They’re not my favorite to send. I too had a hard time with the ink.

Wooden postcard from Portugal:

That’s so funny that it says “extra postage required” and yet there’s really no room for extra stamps. :sweat_smile:

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A question since I got one from Switzerland. She sent me without envelope I got it as well in India. Does all countries accept wooden cards without putting them in envelopes?

I wrote a wooden card to Germany and it arrived in good state :+1:

Maybe some people put it in an envelope for safety reason. At least here there’s no rule that cards with “odd” materials should be sent inside an envelope, with or without envelope, as long as they weigh no more than 20 g, we pay the standard tariff

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Yes. That’s right. Here in Canada, international or domestic postage is good for roughly five pieces of paper. So, a wooden postcard would almost always be fine.

It might just mean you need a domestic or international stamp as opposed to one for postcards?