What did you acquire for postcrossing?

India issues lots of joint stamps each year. I have these in my collection.

Older ones are hard to get, but recent ones are easily available and I use them for postage as well.

India-Russia is my favourite


I have joint-issue stamps of Russia and India. Yes, they are bright and beautiful, and I like them too. But my stamps (bought in Russia) are slightly different from yours in design. The idea is the same, they can be recognized by the photo, but still the stamps are different. And in the Russian version there is no such beautiful sheet with a background of buildings. The stamps are located on a square sheet, 3x3 pieces, and in the center is a square with an inscription about the joint issue. So, as it turned out, the stamps of joint issues are not an exact copy, they are only similar. I didn’t know about it before.


Walked into the post office to buy one stamp for a handmade card and walked out with 7 maxicards :heart_eyes:


Super excited to start sending these badass feminist postcards!
Star Wars: Women Of The Galaxy and Women in Art. :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


Just bought some new washi tape, postcards and stickers

And OMG @alter3ch0 the Leia Cards are so cool !!! :star_struck:


3 new rubber stamps to use as faux postmarks for the people who like postcards in-envelope :snail: :email: I don’t like a postcard that looks untraveled :sweat_smile:


What a find the post box is my fav

Those were common when I was young, but pretty much gone now.

Seriously you are amazing, I want to get a card from you someday. I love your stash, wellllll of everything

I have never seen any in my travels. So I must be toooo young :joy:

New stamps entering the rotation


I not prefer this maw cards , not easy to storage , but some of these are beautiful

May I ask where you buy them? I‘m searching for something like that for my cards in an envelope :relaxed:

I have to ask the markup on all this… are these costing 50¢ each?

I found them on Etsy at this shop: AsspocketProductions

She also sells personalized postmarks which look really lovely. Other shops on Etsy sell postmark related designs, but I just loved these snails so much!


No, that’s too rich for my blood. My self-imposed limit is around 10% over face value. Maybe an exception here or there for 20%. I justify it with the stamp bargains I get at or below face value.


The Cary Grant stamps are just :heart_eyes::heart_eyes::heart_eyes::heart_eyes: I just had to say it.


Thank you!

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My self reward last month :two_hearts:


I write the main address in black, but the name of the country in blue; postcard ID info goes in a contrasting color from the message, so the recipient cannot miss that.