USPS will consider a USA Postcrossing Commemorative Stamp!

Write to express support for a USA Postcrossing-themed stamp:

Stamp Development
Attn: Citizens’ Stamp Advisory Committee
475 L’Enfant Plaza SW, Room 3300
Washington, DC 20260-3501
United States of America

Hello everyone, I have some very exciting news to share!

Earlier this month, I sent a handwritten letter to the Citizens’ Stamp Advisory Committee proposing a US Postcrossing-themed Stamp for the 20th anniversary of the project on July 14, 2025. The Committee suggests that proposals for new designs are submitted about 3 years before their planned release date.

I just received a response letter from the Manager, Stamp Development stating that this proposal will be reviewed and considered by the Committee at their next meeting! This means that a Postcrossing-themed stamp meets the stamp subject selection criteria and the Postcrossing stamp proposal will officially be presented to the group of 13 members that decide which stamp topics will go to the Postmaster General for final approval.

If the Committee rejects the idea for a Postcrossing-themed stamp, then we must wait 3 more years before the proposal can be considered again.

If you are interested in expressing support for a USA Postcrossing 20th Anniversary Commemorative Stamp, you can send a postcard, card, or letter to the address above.

Here are some facts that you could mention:
-The Postcrossing project is of great national interest, with over 800,000 total members and over 70,000 in the United States.
-US Postcrossers have sent near 8,000,000 postcards around the world.
-This is a great collectors stamp and will spark an interest in philately.
-Many other countries have issued a Postcrossing-themed stamp, such as Austria, Brazil, Estonia, and Luxembourg. Germany is releasing a Postcrossing-themed stamp next week!

Here is the USPS page with more information

Thank you for reading all of this - I think we can do it!


How exciting, thank you for sharing!


This is awesome! I will definitely send a postcard!


Do we have any sense of whether, if accepted, a proposed stamp would be a domestic postcard-rate stamp or an international-rate stamp?


every year since 2018, i have been sending a letter to this address/committee. and every year,i get the almost same reply letter back that you received. i am sure that others whom written to the committee, did they get a reply too. maybe the same as Postcarder had received. would be interesting to hear from others.
i wonder during the pandemic if a lot of people sent off a letter or postcard to the committee the same day, would it might impress more the committee in a large interest instead a few letters here and there arriving. wonder if everyone send off a postcard on world postcard day to the committee asking for a postcrossing stamp. they would be flooded with cards (and or letters) requesting and might move their brains to cocsider this stamp. but also remember it takes about 3 years for the stamps to become real.
also, mention for a domestic and international stamps (as @jeffweiss mentions).


I’m sending a post card on WPD.


I am not sure, but either one would be great. An international stamp would probably sell fewer but could be more useful, while a postcard stamp could be used with other stamps on international postcards and interest others that send postcards but don’t know about Postcrossing.


Yeah, I was wondering how generic this response was, but hopefully it means something. Maybe they are more likely to accept the idea of a 20th Anniversary commemorative issue rather than just Postcrossing-themed? Would love to hear from others that have received replies as well.

I do think that if they received many postcards/letters sent on World Postcard Day it could help better our chances!

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Thank you for your leadership and initiative!

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can you image on (or around) july 14th, 2025, all the meetups in the usa being held to honor the release of the 1st postcrossing stamp celebrating the 20th anniversary.


@Karl_Pen have you seen this? :slight_smile:

Cool :sunglasses::+1:t3:

It would be an exciting addition to the one and only USA international stamp!


Just remember that on the off chance that usps does approve it they have to get permission from Postcrossing. Even though postcrossing is used a name for this hobby of sending postcards from the site its also a corporate name and copyrighted and they seem really particular about “not claiming” stamps issued that didnt ask them for permission. I’m sure when the ones who didnt ask for permission, issued it because they were talking about the hobby and not the website. It be ashame on the off chance they did issue and not be claimed because of permissions. So include something like that in your letters


Thanks for sharing! I will send a letter.

Who designs the stamp??

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for legal reasons, the usps has their own designers for stamps. but i am sure if the committee accepts the idea of a postcrossing stamp, they will ask for feedback of the design of the stamp or stamps.


Do you think having members from other countries send in postcards, will also help?


Yes, I think it definitely could, because it would show that there is interest from people both in the US and internationally that have an interest in purchasing/collecting the stamps.


How wonderful!

I also submitted an idea and received the same letter so i wonder if everyone gets this response in return?
Curious to know if any other postcrossers have submitted their own ideas and also gotten this response.


very cool